2014 Season Pass Terms & Conditions

Season Pass is not refundable, or transferrable, and is valid for unlimited rides any day Funderland is open to the public (private events/park rentals not included) during the 2014 Season (February 2014-November 2014). Price includes tax, and is subject to change without notice.

Season Pass is valid for discounts on birthday parties, concession food, or merchandise. Discounts valid for season pass holder only, and cannot be transferred to a non-Season Pass holder. Use of the Pass by any other individual other than the person whose name and picture appears is prohibited and will result in cancellation of the Pass.

All rules and safety guides must be followed at Funderland. Parents are responsible to read and explain the Fun & Safety guides posted at each ride to their children.

Any rider not following rules or regulations will be asked to leave. Some rides may have height and age requirements that a Pass holder may not meet. Funderland does not allow any expectant mothers or guests with hard casts to ride the rides. One adult parent per day may use the parent pass. Funderland reserves the right to close due to weather conditions. Funderland is not responsible for accidents, loss, or damage to property. In accepting this Pass, the cardholder agrees to assume all risk.

I have read & fully understand the above conditions under which this season pass is being purchased.

Please fill out the following form in its entirety: