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Psst! July Surprises….Kind Of


Hey folks, we’re getting ready to welcome in July with a bang! And what better way to celebrate our independence than to honor our brave servicemen and women?

So, Attention Military Personnel: we appreciate all you do and would like to thank you for your service. So come to the park on July 4th and you and your family can ride FREE all day!

And that’s not all, there’s more hot stuff for everyone this July:

Scavenger Hunt (July 1-12): A secret scrambled message is hidden somewhere in the park. (Clue: Check the place we list our monthly events & specials). Your mission is to find it, unscramble the phrase, and type your answer in the form on our website. All participants will automatically be entered for a drawing to win 2 Season Passes and a special Funderland goodie bag.

Christmas in July (Wednesday, July 17th): Our first “flash mob” in the Park! We’re celebrating Christmas in July by gathering at the Carousel and singing “Jingle Bells.” So don your happy apparel (wear your favorite Christmas sweater, hat, scarf, etc.), and come sing carols at the Carousel with us!
More details in next week’s blog post!

Season Pass Holder Night (July 26): Our one night special thank you to all our Season Pass Holders! Bring your family and a guest to an exclusive evening of fun and games.

Happy Mondays: Happy the Squirrel will be beating the heat and roaming the park Monday mornings in July, so come say “hi” and catch a high-five!

$10 Tuesdays: Our hottest deal from June continues. Get a wristband for only $10 every Tuesday in July.

The Summer Sizzler: Any week day it’s over 95 degrees in the park, we give out FREE sno-cones. A great way to chill out!

As you can see, the park will be wild with activity you won’t want to miss. And we don’t want to miss you. So mark your calendars today!

Cool Stuff Coming Up


School is finally out, and summer is almost here. And let’s face it, summer has its hot spots, so it’s great to have some cool stuff to look forward to.

And there’s no need to look very far because cool is in the air at Land Park!

We’ve got our Season Pass Holder Night coming up in July, providing fun and games for the whole family. And we’ll have our July 4th special again this year for military personnel and their families. Plus, Happy the Squirrel is cooking up a few surprises. And one never knows with squirrels, so stay tuned!

Also, we noticed our friends at Fairytale Town have a lot of fun events in the works. A night of Shakespeare and ice cream, just to name one. We’re definitely fans! Make sure to check it out.

And what about the Family Overnight Safaris at the Zoo?! Camping under the stars with lions and tigers and bears…. Oh my! (Okay, we’re not really sure about the bears, but lions and tigers and sloths sounded silly). Anyway, it sounds like memorable family fun to us.

And that’s barely scratching the surface. So, if you’re looking for cool this summer, we hope you check out the trifecta of fun in Land Park. We’re all within walking distance of each other, and there’s always something new and exciting happening. And we’d love you to be a part of it all!

So, let the adventures begin!

Soaring into Summer


Ah, the joys of summer….lazy days and warm nights, poolside parties, and outdoor romps. It’s a fun-filled time of wild activity, punctuated with afternoon naps and family barbecues. We love it, and we hope you do too!

In fact, we love this season so much we thought we’d add a little fun of our own. So if you’re wandering through the month of June and wondering what to do, here’s what’s going on in our little world. If you have the chance, we hope you come out and share some of the fun and excitement with us!

  • Happy Mondays: Happy the Squirrel will be cruising around the park Monday mornings, so come out and give him a high five. He’d love to see you!
  • $10 Tuesdays: Every Tuesday you can purchase a weekday wristband for only $10! Okay, folks, that’s huge – that’s more than 35% off for a day full of unlimited riding fun!
  • Father’s Day: Fathers get to ride FREE all day Father’s Day, June 16th. So bring Dad out for the time of his life!
  • The Summer Sizzler: Any week day it’s over 95 degrees in the park, we give out FREE sno-cones! What better way to cool off between rides?!
  • The After School Special (May 1–June 14): From 3pm – 5pm, Monday through Friday, purchase a weekday wristband for only $7.95! That’s right, half off the regular price! But, hurry, the special ends June 14th.

There’s always a little something for everyone, so we hope to see you in the park soon for some summer fun under the sun!

Happy Memorial Day!


We gratefully remember and honor all those who sacrificed their lives for our country.


Hit Berry the Horse


Thanks to all those budding authors who participated in our Pet Story Writing Contest! The essays were fantastic, and the judges enjoyed each and every one. So, now for your reading pleasure, we thought we’d feature our first prize winning story by Sara S.


Hit Berry, the Horse

My horse is a mare and a bay, she has a red body and a black mane and tail. Every weekend I put glitter on her, from her point of view it’s a torture.  I always like to ride her, but after I got bucked off I’m as scared as a colt when she shoots around like a torpedo. My horse likes other horses, one named Buster lives across the street; she and Buster seem to really like each other. Hit Berry doesn’t like it when we feed her late, when we do though she has a humongous hissy fit. She lies down, bucks, rears, and kicks. It’s hilarious to watch her do it. Even though she’s very old she acts like a colt. She has a lot of energy but she preserves it all until someone gets on her. It’s fun to ride her, but she can race a quarter mile without having to take a break. She can run very fast when she wants to. She looks like a decorated race horse when she gallops around like an out of control colt.  For my eighth birthday I received a beautiful western saddle, bridle, and helmet, set. The saddle storage room a.k.a tack room is very full of stuff like bridles, bits, helmets, saddles, and books. Her favorite treat is parsley. She also adores carrots; it’s funny though because she hates apples. I try to give her apples, sometimes she eats them and sometimes she doesn’t. When I give her grain she spits out all the water I put in her grain tub and only eats the oats. Sometimes she wears the hay I give her and she looks like a green monster. I call her Rose because when she curls up she looks like a rose. Unlike most quarter horses, she lays down most of the time. Except at feeding time, when she’s shooting around like a torpedo and when I ride her, which is almost every weekend. She has a fly mask that she doesn’t like to wear. She can’t see as well through the tiny little holes that help keep the flies off her huge head. She has a very big head, but sometimes I like to think that her brain was so tiny it slid right out of her head, out of her ear to be precise. I love her because she is beautiful and nice. Sometimes I like to imagine she has secret meetings with other horses at night. She’s very adorable. I fell in love with her the day I met her. She was so cute when she looked at me with her gigantic brown eyes. I think she’s the most loveable creature on the planet earth. Apart from being beautiful, she’s semi-smart, once I tricked her so she would follow me, and then the next day she stepped on my foot. She’s tricky also, when my dad feeds her in the morning for example, later when I come out she whinnies in a way that says feed me I’m still hungry. She can be tough, but she is very lovable.

By Sara S.
Age: 9

Of Festivals and Fun


Mark your calendars, folks! The 9th Annual International Kids Festival will take place in William Land Park on May 25th. The festival is put on by Russian American Media and is free to the public. There’ll be all sorts of fun activities for everyone in the family. Live entertainment, face painting, jump houses, and more. In fact, we’ll have a booth there ourselves, complete with spinning wheel and prizes. And, who knows, you may catch a glimpse of our mascot Happy the Squirrel as well.  He loves trees and parks and fun! So we hope to see you sometime Saturday the 25th at the Festival or the park or both!

9th Annual International Kids Festival
William Land Park
10am – 4pm

And don’t forget we’re open 7 days a week now, and the weather has been fantastic for  some uproarious riding fun! Come early and hang out all day, or come after 3 pm and take advantage of our After School Special. Either way, we’ll be happy to see you!

Our Summer Hours:
Mon–Fri        11am – 5pm
Sat. & Sun    10am – 6pm

**Today is the last day for Pet Story submissions. So if you’ve got a little writer with a story to tell, now’s the time to get him/her weaving! Submissions are easy and will be accepted until midnight tonight.

Hope for Hank Fundraiser


Meet Hank Gibbs. A typical elevenyear old from the Sacramento area; He likes to play sports, get good grades, play drums, and visit his favorite amusement park, Funderland. What you may not know about Hank is that he is diagnosed with an incredibly rare and incurable auto immune disease, Parry Romberg Syndrome that will cause half of his face to “waste” away. While there currently is not a cure for this disease there are medical procedures available to help slow the process.  Unfortunately these procedures can be quite costly, and burdensome for the Gibbs family. So the “Hope for Hank” fundraiser was established to help the Gibbs family cover the increasing medical costs that they incur due to trying to undo the damage that Parry Romberg Syndrome has caused Hank.

Hope for Hank will take place on Friday, May 10, 2013 at Funderland Amusement Park and will be open to the public.  Unlimited riding will be offered for only $5 per person from 5pm until 8pm, and all proceeds will be given to Hank for his upcoming surgery. In addition there will be a silent auction, carnival games, face painting and more during the event.

Again, 100% of all ticket, auction, and face painting sales raised during this event will go toward the Helping Hands for Hank trust fund that will provide Hank Gibbs the opportunity to receive care to treat his rare and progressive auto immune disease. So come visit Funderland on May 10th to have a great time, and help Hank in his battle with Parry Romberg Syndrome.

For more information on Hank Gibbs and Parry Romberg Syndrome please visit 

May Fun for Everyone


The month of May not only brings flowers, it brings full-time Funderland fun! Starting this month we’re open 7 days a week. So if Monday’s got you down or Tuesday’s a drag, come to the park and take a spin with the kids. And, of course, when you’re feeling footloose and fancy free on Friday, you can do the same! You’ve got 7 days to choose from, so choose wisely and choose often!

Our Summer Hours:
Mon–Fri      11am – 5pm
Sat. & Sun  10am – 6pm

Plus, we’ve got an After School Special running in May. Monday through Friday between 3 pm and 5 pm you can purchase a Weekday Wristband for only $7.95 (that’s half off the regular price). So if you’re wondering what to do with all that after school energy, bring the kids to the park and let them ride and romp around for a couple of hours. It’ll do everyone a world of good!

Other notable events for your May calendar:

Hope for Hank Fundraiser
May 10th, 5pm – 8pm
Bring the whole family to Funderland Friday, May 10th, for an evening of fun, and help Hank in the fight against Parry Romberg Syndrome. $5 wristbands, games, face painting, and more! For more information about Hank and PRS, click here.

Mother’s Day
May 12th
Moms ride FREE all day Mother’s Day, so treat yourself and the kids!

The After School Special


That’s right, folks, our After School Special is back by popular demand!

We realize money is tight these days, and opportunities for family fun and adventure are limited. So starting today, May 1, you can purchase weekday wristbands after 3 pm for only $7.95 – that’s half off the regular price!

So take advantage of the super savings, nice weather, and long afternoons and visit the park after school today!

The After School Special runs May 1 – June 14, 2013, Monday – Friday, from 3 pm – 5 pm.

And don’t forget about our Mother’s Day Special on May 12th. Moms get to ride FREE all day! What can we say? We love the month of May!

We look forward to seeing you in the park soon!!

Pet Story Writing Contest


May is National Pet Month, and we thought it would be fun to write and read some pet stories. So you do the writing, and we’ll do the reading!

The contest is open to kids 11 years old and under. Feel free to write a story about your current pet, favorite pet, or best friend’s pet. The story can be 500 – 1000 words in length and can be fact, fiction, or “faction.” And be sure to include a photo of the pet.

Submissions will be accepted until May 13, 2013. The winner will be announced on Facebook on May 20, 2013. The winner will also get:

  • 2 VIP Passes, AND
  • their story posted on our blog!

To enter, fill out the form below and attach your story and pet photo. We look forward to reading all your great stories. Good luck and good writing!

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