Summary Description:  Without general supervision, performs a variety of common preventative maintenance, lubrication, and related tasks.  Technician will be completely responsible for the total safe mechanical operation of this nine-ride amusement park.  Individual tasks and skills include the detection and repair or replacement of worn parts, scheduled and necessary lubrication of equipment, supervision of all related maintenance, and daily pre-operational inspections.  Must be able to schedule the necessary preventative maintenance during non-operational hours and keep all rides operational.

The position:  The Park Maintenance Technician is responsible for analysis of the needs for each day’s operation, and making sure all riding devices will be open and operational during park, operating hours.  This individual will maintain the daily reports such as ride inspection, and replacement parts on each ride.  This individual will attend safety meetings, and make recommendations for any necessary corrections for a safe operation of the rides.  They must be able to perform the preventative maintenance and daily inspection of the riding devices. They will be required to work with state officials and follow their written instructions.

Knowledge, Education, and Experience:  Must be a High School graduate and have a minimum of two years of experience in mechanical maintenance, electrical knowledge, painting or other related technical fields.  Any college or technical schooling will be helpful.  They must know and be able to use simple English, math, and understand mechanical and technical manuals.  They must be able to comprehend general mechanical principals and trouble shoot simple mechanical problems. This is a training opportunity for the General Maintenance position for this facility.  This individual will be required to completely manage this amusement park’s equipment.  Experience in a service related technical field is preferred.

Benefits:  This is a year around position with two weeks paid vacation during the off-season.  Health Insurance is available for the individual with benefits available for the family.  A company vehicle is available for company errands.

Compensation:  Will be determined by the experience and ability of the individual. And will start at $15.00 per hour.

Contact:  Only resumes mailed to PO Box 221532, Sacramento, CA 95822 will be reviewed for consideration.