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    •  Celebrate your Guest of Honor’s Birthday — or a Graduation, Anniversary, Family Reunion, or any Special Occasion, here at Funderland any day we are open for our 2024 season, running now through Sunday, December 1, 2024! — and did you know most of our rides are rideable by both children and adults so everyone can share the riding fun together during your celebration?! Terrific news for 2024: No price increase for our Party Package! Our package price remains $17 per person for both children and adults, with a minimum of only 10 guests required to book the package! We may not be Ghostbusters, but we are Inflationbusters! Private Party Areas are available to rent for your special Guest of Honor’s or Family’s Big Day every day Funderland is open! (Funderland’s annual operating season normally runs from February through the Sunday after Thanksgiving, which is Sunday, December 1st in 2024, each year, weather permitting.) Call our office at (916) 456-0131 and press option 3 at the Main Menu, or email us at bd***@fu************.com, to book or for any party package questions. Our 2024 season’s Operating Calendar showing our days and hours of operation through the Labor Day Monday holiday, September 2, 2024 are now posted at the HOURS option in the Park Info main menu, above, and hours and days of operation for September 3, 2024 and beyond will be posted soon! Important: Remember all Parties must be booked 14 days in advance! Our Funderland Party Package includes our Pay-One-Price (POP) Unlimited-Ride Admissions valid for the entire day for all of your guests, of all ages, two hours in one of our private party areas for the formal celebration portion of your event, and a gift of a VIP Pass valid for one free future admission for your Guest of Honor from all of us at Funderland! (Additional optional extra-cost food add-ons are available, too, to help make hosting your party a breeze!) Remember that all of your guests, of all ages (see “Important Note” which follows this), must be included in your party’s guest count and payment, as Funderland is a Pay-One-Price (POP), unlimited-ride, gated park, therefore those not included in your Guest Count and Party Package payment must pay separately to enter at the Main Gate, and with their POP payment they will also receive both entrance and unlimited rides for the day, for all ages. ( Important Note: Children under 34 inches tall are Free, and do not need to be included in your Guest Count; and Parking is always Free ). Party Area time slots are 2 hours in length and the start times are based on the park’s public operating hours in effect on the day of your party (your party booker will coordinate this with you while booking your reservation).  Note:  Party Area set-up may begin no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time, and cleanup must be completed, and the party area exited, no later than 15 minutes after your two-hour rental time ends.
    •  If you’d like to host a longer party in your private party area an additional time slot party package must be reserved and purchased in advance, as otherwise parties will be booked after yours.  (Important:  Extending a party in our private party areas on the actual day of your event is only possible if an area is available to rent for a time slot after yours.)  Please be a kind Funder-Friend:  Birthday areas must be completely vacated no more than 15 minutes after the end of your reserved time to ensure the party area is available for our next birthday guest, and that we will have time to prepare the area for parties after yours. Failure to vacate the area on time may ruin the next party’s experience, and may incur additional charges.  ( An additional option after your party ends is to move your party to the first-come, first-served free William Land Park picnic tables located outside of Funderland.  If you do so, be sure all of your guests keep their unlimited-ride wristbands affixed to their wrists prior to exiting Funderland so they may return to Funderland throughout the remainder of the day ).
    •  Click here to access your free, customizable, full-color birthday party invitations!  You can enter your party’s specific information on the invitations with your keyboard, on your computer, and then print them to send or give to your invited guests!
    •  A colorful Funderland V.I.P. Admission Voucher is our gift for the birthday child! ( a $24.00 value! ).  The voucher is good for one free POP unlimited-ride Main Gate admission on a future visit.
    •  New as of June 15, 2021:  With the new State of California pandemic reopening guidelines now in effect, our park and our private party areas have returned to their normal capacity limits.  Party areas are now allowed to host a maximum of 30 people per party area (all ages).  If you are hosting more than 30 people for your party you must book more than one party area.  We will make sure your multiple party areas are located side-by-side.

Three options available to book your party! Call (916) 456-0131 and press option 3 at the Main Menu, email us at bd***@fu************.com with your requested party date and phone number for a return call, or book in-person at Funderland’s Main Gate or Guest Services Window any day we’re open (currently Wednesdays through Sundays)! We look forward to speaking with you to help you plan a party that will be easy and fun for you to host!

Important Party Information Details (Pricing, Party Policies, Free Printable Invitations, Optional Package Add-ons)

Looking for your free custom-fillable & printable PDF Funderland birthday party invitations, click here

  • THE FUNDERLAND PARTY PACKAGE: Note: Minimum of 10 paid Guests of any age required (children or adults), with a maximum of 30 paid Guests per private party area. An additional area with a minimum package purchase of 10 guests is required for parties with over 30 Guests. The Party Package includes: Park Entry and Unlimited Rides for the entire day of your party for all party guests, of all ages; TWO HOURS in one of our private party areas for the formal celebration portion of your party; A special, colorful Funderland V.I.P. POP Guest Voucher (our gift to the Guest of Honor!) good for Entry and Unlimited Rides on one day in the future (Value: $24.00!); Special (free!) customizable Party Invitations, fillable online with your party’s specific information prior to printing!
  • Party Bookers receive a 10% discount off any items on our FunderTreats Concession Stand Menu when purchased in one bulk transaction for your entire party (menu items include Freshly Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Fresh Handspun Cotton Candy, Funnel Cakes, Nachos, Chicken Nuggets, Caramel Apples, Candy Apples, Deep-Fried Candy Bars, Sno-Cones, French Fries, Sodas and Lemonade, and much more! Ask your Party Booker for a complete menu and details when you book!
  • Our very popular fresh-baked Extra-Large Pizza option will continue; see below (in the “Our Food Policy” section) for details and pricing.
  • $17.00 Per Person ( minimum of 10 ) All of your guests, both children and adults, entering the park must be included in your guest count and payment, and, after your balance-due payment in full on the day of your party your guests, of all ages, will receive Funderland unlimited-ride wristbands valid for unlimited rides for the entire day of your party. (The only exception is children under 34 inches tall are Free, and do not need to be included in your guest count or payment). Nine of our 10 rides and attractions are rideable by both children and adults, subject to the Safety Guidelines posted at each ride entrance (Safety Guidelines are also detailed on this website under the [Rides] menu option). Parking is always Free.
  • Important Health Reminder: The person booking the party is responsible for notifying their guests of any new Covid pandemic guidelines for crowded venues in effect on the day of their party. We ask guests and employees feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms not to enter the park. A reminder that there is an inherent risk of exposure to Covid in any crowded venue. Masks are not currently required, but we welcome anyone who chooses to wear a mask for their protection and the protection of other guests and our employees. There are unavoidable moments of close contact in the park due to, as one example, ride operators needing to check guests’ safety restraints on the rides.
  • Party Bookers receive a 10% discount off any item on our FunderTreats Concession Stand Menu when purchased in one transaction for your entire party (menu items include amusement park favorites such as Freshly Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cakes, Nachos, French Fries, Deep-Fried Candy Bars, Sno-Cones, Sodas and Lemonade, and much more! Ask your Party Booker for a complete menu and ordering details when you book!
  • FRESHLY-BAKED EXTRA-LARGE PIZZAS! We continue to offer our very popular optional freshly-baked Pepperoni, Cheese, or 1/2 & 1/2 Pepperoni/Cheese Extra-Large Pizzas (double-cut into 16 grab-and-go slices for easy serving) for $21 plus tax per pizza, with a minimum order of 3 pizzas required. Note: Pizzas must be ordered and paid for at least 48 hours prior to your party, and are non-refundable. Important Note: Pizzas are delivered freshly-baked for your party 45 minutes after the start time of your reserved private party area’s time slot (Example: if you reserve a 1:00pm time slot for the two-hour formal portion of your party in our private-party area your pizzas will arrive at 1:45pm).
  • OUR OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINK POLICY: We also allow you to bring your own food, drinks, and cake, however the following items cannot be brought into the park ( IMPORTANT: please note we cannot allow any BBQ grills, cooking devices, chafing dishes, warming candles, or glass containers or bottles, for safety, however birthday candles for a cake are fine ): No coolers, ice chests, opaque cooling/heating bags or alcoholic beverages are allowed, however translucent ( transparent, clear, see-through ) containers that have no lids are allowed. (Note: We do also allow a small, collapsible soft-sided cooling bag the size of a typical school lunch box when they are needed to transport necessary medical supplies for use inside the park.) Important Note: ALL bags and containers will be subject to inspection at the Main Gate prior to entry. We also always offer our FunderTreats Concessions Stand if you’d like to purchase food, drinks, or yummy amusement park treats spontaneously on the day of your party!
  • OUR DECORATIONS AND ADDED ENTERTAINMENT POLICY: (See our separate Pinata Policy, below) You are allowed to bring your own decorations, but we require that all decorations be removed and cleaned up within 15 minutes of the posted end time of your party’s time slot, and you “pack out everything you pack in.” Special Safety Note: Because the Sacramento Zoo is located directly across the street from Funderland we ask you not to bring helium-filled balloons, because if they accidentally become untethered they could float over and into an animal’s habitat enclosure and cause injury to the animal if they ingest it. Also, do not bring items that are difficult or time-consuming to clean up, such as loose glitter or confetti, Silly String, or anything that will damage the park or party area and its structure (please hang banners with painter’s tape or easy-remove masking tape or other mounts that will not damage the party area’s paint or wood). We do remind you there is an abundance of joyous color and upbeat surroundings inherently all around you at Funderland, and children will be focused on watching the rides nearby, too, so know that buying, bringing, and having to set up extensive decorations may not be necessary, and could take away from your being able to relax and enjoy the party along with your children! (In short, we encourage you to focus on the simple basics of the party so you can relax and enjoy the day, too! You deserve it! (Know that your Guest of Honor, and your Guests, will have a ball due to what is already included in the park and the party package!) ADDED ENTERTAINMENT POLICY: You must let us know at least 14 days prior to your event about, and receive advance approval from us for, any added entertainment features you are planning to add to your party, such as (as just a few examples): face painters, balloon twisters, or magicians. For liability reasons, as they have been vetted for liability and health insurances, we require Sevilla Magic FX be used for your hiring of face painters and variety performers (magicians, balloon twisters, and more) to perform inside Funderland (they have dozens of professional performers to choose from): they are our approved and experienced source for both. Simply ask your party booker for more details and their contact information. We are open to your creative ideas, however we also always want to be sure everyone’s parties and events held at the park are respected and able to enjoy their own private party area, so please be sure any added features you are proposing will not disturb or infringe on the other parties being held in the party areas next to, or near, yours. Call us at (916) 456-0131 with any questions about this policy.
  • OUR PINATA POLICY: You are welcome to bring your own pinatas, however, for safety reasons they must be “pull pinatas,” not pinatas that need to be hit or struck to open. (“Pull pinatas” are pinatas that feature ribbons hanging from the pinata’s bottom: Children pull on the ribbons to open and spill the pinata’s contents.)
  • OUR DEPOSIT AND CANCELLATION POLICY: A non-refundable $49.95 deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your party’s date and time slot (parties must be booked at least 14 days in advance), and the deposit will be credited to your party’s total Balance Due (the deposit is not an extra fee). IMPORTANT: There are no cash or credit refunds for your $49.95 deposit, however, if you cancel at least 14 days prior to your party’s date and start time, or if we must close due to inclement weather, you will be given two options: 1] You may reschedule your party for a future date within the same calendar-year season (if that date and time is available) and we will credit your $49.95 deposit to that new party; OR 2] You may use the $49.95 deposit as a Stored Value on your Guest Account and use the $49.95 value as a Gate Credit at our Main Gate toward the purchase of future POP (Pay-One-Price) Unlimited-Ride Single-Day Admissions to Funderland, for any age, or toward the purchase of Season Passes. IMPORTANT: Cancellations less than 14 days prior to your party’s start date and time are non-refundable for future credit use unless we must close the park on the day of your party due to inclement weather, and your deposit amount will be forfeited.
  • IMPORTANT! Please be sure to review our Deposit and Cancellation Policy and other important party information, above, carefully and completely, before booking.  Thank you!

To book your private party area, please call the park directly at (916) 456-0131 and press option 3 at the Main Menu, OR email us at bd***@fu************.com with your requested party date and phone number for a return call, OR book in-person at our Main Gate any day we are open! — we look forward to speaking with you to help you plan a party that will be easy and fun for you to host!

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I’m impressed by how Funderland caters to families … The great thing is the simplicity. The park size is easily manageable for parents with young kids … Our family is pumped that we finally discovered Funderland Amusement Park and can’t wait to go again.

- Stephanie (Today's Mama)

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