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Job Title – Ride Operator/Entertainer

For those who love working and being outdoors rather than indoors, in all types of weather, love encouraging children’s enthusiasm and joy (and also enjoy encouraging parents and family members to share in their child’s enthusiasm and joy), becoming a Funderland Ride Operator/Entertainer Team Member will be a fun, personally rewarding experience.  As a team member you’ll be juggling guest and ride safety as your top priority, while simultaneously welcoming guests and having fun right along with them as they escape their daily routine, relax, and let loose on Funderland’s attractions.  If you enjoy challenging, self-motivated, engaged work that involves multitasking on the fly in a way that can bring lighthearted joy both to yourself and your guests we’re looking for you.  Have you noticed when you’ve visited amusement parks that some ride operators become part of the cherished memory you have of your day at the park?  They stand out because they not only make you feel (most importantly) safe on the ride, they are also memorable because they are clearly enjoying interacting with you and other guests, using funny, upbeat banter during the loading and unloading of the ride.  That personality and ability is exactly what we’re looking for!  Some basic qualities necessary to truly excel at this job are:  the ability to self-manage, multitask responsibilities, and take pride in your work and your ride, be able to weather difficult situations calmly and use common sense while doing so, lift up to 50 pounds (children) for loading and unloading rides, and abide by all state, federal, and industry safety regulations.  You must have an inherent joy in working with guests and fellow team members who come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and the knowledge of yourself that you tend to be on the bright side of life even when things aren’t so rosy overall, including in your personal life.

A closing thought as you consider whether this job is a good fit for you:  We at Funderland are lucky to be working in an iconic, beloved amusement park that generations of guests have visited for over 70 years, with its daily focus on fun and escape from life’s concerns, and with children who are having a joyous good time.  We’re looking for team members who connect with and value that thought, and who would genuinely love knowing they’re a big part of helping to create that atmosphere, and becoming a memorable part of our guests’ fond memories of their day at the park.

Requirements – Applicants must:

  • Act in a manner that embodies Funderland’s core values
  • Pass a Drug Test
  • Pass a Megan’s Law background check
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Follow all Funderland company policies and regulations
  • Follow all state, federal, and industry safety regulations
  • Be willing to work in an outdoor environment throughout the year
  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Be a team player
  • Be outgoing and friendly
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Be able to work in, and enjoy, a high-energy, and at times stressful, environment
  • Have physical dexterity, as employees are required to work outside, and lift small children onto rides
  • Be willing to learn new aspects of the job regularly
  • Have reliable transportation to and from the park
  • Maintain regular attendance and punctuality
  • Possess basic math skills
  • Complete and pass all safety requirements
  • Be legal to work in the U.S.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all job activities or requirements. As mentioned above, this position is quite physical and will require extensive activity throughout the day in various weather conditions. Applicants should have the ability to lift at least 50 pounds (to lift children in and out of ride seats), and the endurance to navigate the park grounds daily. Ride Operator/Entertainer Candidates – Please drop the following application off at the park during our current operating hours or mail to:  Funderland Amusement Park, P.O. Box 22710, Sacramento, CA 95822.

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I’m impressed by how Funderland caters to families … The great thing is the simplicity. The park size is easily manageable for parents with young kids … Our family is pumped that we finally discovered Funderland Amusement Park and can’t wait to go again.

- Stephanie (Today's Mama)

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