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  • What happened to your tickets?

    At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as part of the requirements to be allowed to reopen in late June 2020, we were required by the State of California and the County of Sacramento to change the way we do business:  One of the changes was, for the protection of our guests and employees, we were required to switch to a Pay-One-Price (“POP”) admission pricing structure which included both gate admission and unlimited rides for the entire day of a guest’s visit for that one price, for all ages (instead of paper ride tickets), so we could maintain and monitor a limited guest count set for us at that time, limit contact between ride operators and guests (no exchange of tickets), and have enough space per person to maintain required social distancing.  In the two operating seasons after that we discovered our guests preferred, by far, this new way of doing business, as they have been very vocal about enjoying the simplicity of ticket-free visits, the enhanced perimeter security for their children since we now have a monitored front gate, faster ride queue lines for both guests and ride operators because tickets no longer needed to be gathered, and parents no longer needing to guess how many tickets to buy each visit. When the State of California then allowed us to return to normal park and ride capacities on June 15, 2021 we decided to follow our guests’ wishes and continue with the “Pay-One-Price” (POP) unlimited-ride admissions and monitored front gate!

  • Are you still accepting the old paper Funderland tickets?

    Our old paper individual ride tickets sold prior to the pandemic’s beginning in March 2020 (no individual ride tickets have been sold since March of 2020), as we announced frequently here on our website, on social media, and through our Main Gate Ticket Sellers and your Office inquiries during our 2020 (late June through November 2020) and 2021 (February through November) operating seasons, were accepted as full-face-value credits toward the new POP admissions for those two operating seasons, and, as also previously announced, the tickets expired on the closing day of our 2021 operating season, on Sunday, November 28, 2021.

  • Does everyone have to pay to get into the park?

    Yes.  Everyone 34 inches tall and above must purchase an admission to enter.  Note that most of our ten rides and attractions are rideable by both children and adults (subject to the Ride Safety Rules posted at each ride), and our new Single-Day “Pay One Price” (POP) Unlimited-Ride Admissions include both entry to the park AND unlimited rides for the entire day of your visit, for all ages! Note: Are you planning to visit Funderland often? Save money by purchasing Season Passes, valid every day of each operating season we are open to the public (currently scheduled for Friday, February 2, 2024 through Sunday, December 1, 2024), with no blockout dates for usage! You’ll get unlimited entry and unlimited rides for the entire operating season, plus 10% off at our FunderTreats Concessions Stand and Novelty Stand, and 10% off our Birthday Party Package! Both Single-Day Admissions and Season Passes can be purchased when you arrive at our Main Gate (no reservations needed) any day we are open to the public, or, for your convenience, in advance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the same price with no added fees or taxes, at our Online Store at this website’s homepage: Look for the red “Shop Now” button on our homepage to enter!

  • Do babies need to pay to enter the park?

     Infants and Children under 34 inches tall are Free.

  • What rides can a two-year-old ride?

    A two-year-old is able to ride up to eight of our ten rides and attractions at Funderland. They can ride our Red Baron Planes, Classic Carousel, Backroads Buggies, Crazy TeaCups, Oscar the Fisher, and Funderland Express Train, and they can also enter and navigate our new Fort Funhouse two-story jungle gym attraction! They can also ride our Flying Dragon Roller Coaster with an adult if they are at least 36 inches tall.  ( Note that rides and attractions are subject to change, and will be updated here on this FAQ page. )

  • How do I buy admission?

    Our Single-Day “Pay One Price” (POP) Admissions can be purchased at Funderland’s Main Gate when you arrive.  No advance reservations are accepted or needed.  We guarantee you will be able to purchase your POP admissions and enter immediately on any day we’re open to the public. Ride as often as you’d like for the entire day of your visit!  ( NEW! For the convenience of those who prefer to purchase their admissions in advance we have opened an Online Store where you can quickly and easily purchase single-day “Pay-One-Price” (POP) Unlimited-Ride Admissions valid for any one day Funderland is open to the public, or 2024 Season Passes valid every day we are open to the public with no blockout dates for usage, at the same prices we charge at our Main Gate, with no added fees or taxes! Visit our main homepage, look for the Online Store just below our “Latest Park Updates” section, and click on the red “Shop Now” button to enter the store and shop for yourself, or to purchase single-day POP admissions or Season Passes as gifts! Free colorful Funderland Gift Greeting Cards can be printed to accompany your gifts by clicking on the blue “Print Your Gift Card” button, also located at our Online Store! )

  • Can expectant mothers or those with hard casts ride?

    Expectant mothers or those with bone injuries (hard casts) ARE allowed to ride our Classic Carousel (only on the Carousel’s Swan Seats, not the horses) and our Funderland Express Train, however, for their own safety, they cannot ride any of our other attractions.  Good news, though:  Note that expectant mothers and those with hard casts will only be charged the reduced-price Senior admission fee ( $10.00 ) to enter, and can ride the Carousel’s Swan Seats and our Express Train as often as they’d like for the entire day of their visit!

  • When are you open?

    Funderland’s hours change depending on the time of year. To view our current operating schedule, click here.

  • Where is Funderland located?

     Our physical address for smartphone app mapping purposes is 1350 17th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95822. Funderland is conveniently located in beautiful, historic William Land Park ( turning 106 years old in 2024! ), one-half block from the Sacramento Zoo’s main entrance, and right across the street from Fairytale Town. For detailed instructions on how to get to Funderland, click here.

  • How much is Parking?

    Parking is Free, and available in both the parking lots and streets winding throughout Sacramento’s beautiful William Land Park (where Funderland is located)! Note that additional free parking on crowded days is also available on the streets surrounding William Land Park, but be sure to follow all parking signage instructions posted there, and please be respectful of our residential neighbors. Thank you!

  • Can we bring food into the park?

    Yes!  You may bring any food or drink into Funderland to enjoy as long as you do not bring in any alcoholic beverages, ice chests or hard-sided coolers, opaque cooling/heating bags or containers, glass containers or bottles, or cooking devices. (Small lunchbox-sized collapsible cooling bags needed for guests’ medical supplies are allowed). All bags and containers will be subject to inspection at our Main Gate prior to entering the park. Note that we always offer our FunderTreats Concession Stand, featuring a delicious selection of tasty, freshly-prepared food, snacks, amusement park treats, and drinks, every day we’re open!

  • Do you have birthday parties at Funderland?

    Yes!  Funderland offers private birthday party (and any celebration!) area rentals and party packages every day we’re open, and we also offer private party park rentals for non-operating days and hours as well!  Click here for more information.

  • Are dogs allowed in Funderland?

    We love dogs, but because we are a closed-gate venue we can only allow working service dogs, trained for specific disabilities, to enter the park when they are accompanying the person they are trained to support. Please remember that emotional support dogs do not qualify as service dogs. Service dogs must be on leash at all times.

  • Do you offer military and veteran discounts?

Yes! We offer two annual military and veteran appreciation free admission days: We offer free admission, and unlimited-ride wristbands valid for the entire day, to both active and retired military and veterans on presentation of their military I.D. on the 4th of July, and again on Veterans Day in November. Plus, on the 4th of July only, we also add that all immediate family members of each active or retired military member with military I.D. are also admitted free, and they also receive unlimited-ride wristbands valid for the entire 4th of July holiday!
  • Do you rent strollers or wheelchairs?

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not rent out strollers or wheelchairs.

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