School Trips & Academic Programs

Funderland is pleased to announce our latest addition to our park services… Academic Field Trips!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the fantastic programs that are in full swing at Funderland Amusement Park! We have devoted a great deal of time creating a variety of educational programs that will enrich and benefit the lives of your students.

Currently Funderland has two academic field trips to choose from:  Math & Science and Language & Fine Arts Curriculum.  Amusement parks exist because of the math, science, and artistry of many people. There is an abundance of learning opportunities that exist in the mechanics of rides and the creativity in their designs. Our Academic Programs were created by a local credentialed teacher and designed to:

• Enrich classroom learning
• Fit in to your existing curriculum
• Make connections between classroom instruction and the real world
• Enhance vocabulary
• Develop observation skills
• Foster Creativity
• Teach about forces and motion
• So much more!

And, best of all, they will have had fun learning!

All of our curriculum offers lesson plans crafted to be administered before, during, and after your trip.  We can also add lunches, and extra play time for your students as optional add on’s too.

To find out more information about scheduling an academic field trip call (916) 456-0131.

School Groups

Monday through Friday (holidays excluded) Funderland offers a school group rate of $7.00 per rider for unlimited rides for a two hour time period.  Group must have at least 15 paid riders to qualify.  Riding chaperones may be counted toward your total.

Please call (916) 456-0131 to make reservations.