Top 5 Best Stocking Stuffers!

Hey Parents! Christmas is right around the corner and when it comes to choosing great stocking stuffers for your kids, you may find yourself stumped. Fortunately, We’ve put together a list of fun and inexpensive gifts that will fit perfectly into any stocking AND your budget!

1. Kendamas
Kendam-whatnow? You’re probably confused if you’ve never seen one of these low tech, real wood toys that originated from Japan. The Kendama is simple: It’s a variant of the classic cup-and-ball game You may have heard of. It’s actually so popular now they even host world championships!

2. L E G O
You honestly can’t go wrong with legos. They have such a wide variety that it’s hard not to find the perfect set for anyone! They even have miniature packs for easy stuffing!

3. New Fun School Supplies!
Okay wait, Hear me out! I know the last things kids probably want is to wake up on a magical Christmas morning and dive hand first into their stockings to pull out a fistful of pencils and post-its. I get it. But that’s not what i’m talking about. I’m talking food shaped erasers, bendy pencils, a pencil sharpener shaped like a nose. The best part? They’ll actually use them!

4. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled!
I’m going to take a step back and be honest for a second and say that this is going to be more fun for you than it will be for your kids. This is the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner game. Spin the wheel and take the dare! Pick the jelly bean with the color it lands on: if you get a booger- or stinky socks-flavored bean instead of a juicy pear bean, you’ve been bamboozled! Prepare yourself to taste some crazy flavours!

5. Funderland Tickets, Wristbands and Season Passes!
Funderland tickets, wristbands, or Season Passes make perfect stocking stuffers and presents for little ones! Give a gift this year filled with experiences and memories that will last a life time.

Buy online at receive the ticket redemption code immediately, so no need to wait or pay for any shipping! The recipient can redeem their gift in park beginning January 18th when we reopen for the 2020 season. Download a FREE card you can personalize with the details of the gift you’re giving on Christmas Day!