Halloween Giveaway

Published on October 17, 2017

Halloween is almost here and to celebrate, we are giving away prizes every single day until Halloween weekend! With each day being a new chance to win, you won’t want to miss a single opportunity to take home these awesome park freebies! Our Giveaway will begin tomorrow (October 18th) and last for 10 days as a countdown to our Spooktacular Halloween event (October 28th & 29th).

Prizes will be given away every single day for 10 days! If you participated in our May giveaway, you’re familiar with how this one will work. Each day, we announce (on Facebook) a prize that can be won by leaving a comment on that daily Facebook post. Each daily prize post will be made at 10am PDT and the winners will be selected just before beginning the next day’s prize to allow an entire 24 hours for you to participate! The full winners list will be announced via email at the conclusion of the Giveaway – Subscribe Here to join the mailing list!

To enter the Giveaway, all you have to do is leave us a comment on that day’s Facebook post to be eligible for the prize! We love to hear about your favorite Funderland memory, what you are dressing up as for halloween, or what you are most looking forward to at our Spooktacular Halloween event! Once a winner has been randomly selected for the day, the drawing for that prize will be closed, the post will be updated to reflect the status, and it will be time to enter for the next day! Winners will be contacted via Facebook message and will have up to 3 days to respond and claim their prize, so make sure you are checking your inbox!

If you do not have access to a Facebook account, you can email [email protected] to enter manually.

Prizes for the giveaway will include:

  • Trick or Treat Passes for our Spooktacular Halloween Event
  • Family Value Packs of Ride Tickets
  • Books of Individual Ride Tickets
  • Packs of Unlimited Ride Wristbands
  • Season Passes for 2018 (and remainder of 2017)

The prizes will be mixed and matched for each day, increasing in value as the week goes on, for a cumulative value of $862.25!!

**Commenting on this or any other Funderland Blogs does not enter you into the Giveaway

**Once a winner has been chosen for a day, any following comments on that daily post will not count for the next day – you have to comment each day to win individual prizes!

**Multiple comments on a daily post does not increase your chances of winning

**Sharing the daily post to your friends and family is encouraged but not required to enter

Giveaway Rules