Hit Berry the Horse

Published on May 20, 2013

Thanks to all those budding authors who participated in our Pet Story Writing Contest! The essays were fantastic, and the judges enjoyed each and every one. So, now for your reading pleasure, we thought we’d feature our first prize winning story by Sara S.\n\nEnjoy!\n\n\n

Hit Berry, the Horse


My horse is a mare and a bay, she has a red body and a black mane and tail. Every weekend I put glitter on her, from her point of view it’s a torture.  I always like to ride her, but after I got bucked off I’m as scared as a colt when she shoots around like a torpedo. My horse likes other horses, one named Buster lives across the street; she and Buster seem to really like each other. Hit Berry doesn’t like it when we feed her late, when we do though she has a humongous hissy fit. She lies down, bucks, rears, and kicks. It’s hilarious to watch her do it. Even though she’s very old she acts like a colt. She has a lot of energy but she preserves it all until someone gets on her. It’s fun to ride her, but she can race a quarter mile without having to take a break. She can run very fast when she wants to. She looks like a decorated race horse when she gallops around like an out of control colt.  For my eighth birthday I received a beautiful western saddle, bridle, and helmet, set. The saddle storage room a.k.a tack room is very full of stuff like bridles, bits, helmets, saddles, and books. Her favorite treat is parsley. She also adores carrots; it’s funny though because she hates apples. I try to give her apples, sometimes she eats them and sometimes she doesn’t. When I give her grain she spits out all the water I put in her grain tub and only eats the oats. Sometimes she wears the hay I give her and she looks like a green monster. I call her Rose because when she curls up she looks like a rose. Unlike most quarter horses, she lays down most of the time. Except at feeding time, when she’s shooting around like a torpedo and when I ride her, which is almost every weekend. She has a fly mask that she doesn’t like to wear. She can’t see as well through the tiny little holes that help keep the flies off her huge head. She has a very big head, but sometimes I like to think that her brain was so tiny it slid right out of her head, out of her ear to be precise. I love her because she is beautiful and nice. Sometimes I like to imagine she has secret meetings with other horses at night. She’s very adorable. I fell in love with her the day I met her. She was so cute when she looked at me with her gigantic brown eyes. I think she’s the most loveable creature on the planet earth. Apart from being beautiful, she’s semi-smart, once I tricked her so she would follow me, and then the next day she stepped on my foot. She’s tricky also, when my dad feeds her in the morning for example, later when I come out she whinnies in a way that says feed me I’m still hungry. She can be tough, but she is very lovable.

\nBy Sara S.\nAge: 9