Cleaning Hacks for the Busy Mom

Published on June 28, 2018

As a mom, you already have to juggle so many things – getting the kids to games, taking them

on fun trips to the park, and prepping for school in the morning. It can be pretty tough making

time to keep things clean when you already have so much on your plate. The last thing you

want to do is stress over what state your house is in and think about the daunting task of

scrubbing it from floor to ceiling.

We understand what it’s like so we’re here with 5 quick and simple hacks to keep your house

looking and feeling clean without all of the hassle.

1. Smelly Shoes

After a long day at the park, the shoes in your household might not smell the best. Freshen

up sneakers with a sprinkle of baking soda inside, toss them in a resealable bag, and let

them sit for a few hours. Dust off the remainder of the baking soda and they’ll be as good

as new!

2. Quick Coffee

Every mom needs their morning coffee but nobody wants to drink it from a dirty coffee

maker. For an easy clean the night before your trip to the park, run one part water and one

part vinegar through a brew cycle. Then, run it again with only water in the machine. You’ll

have a clean coffee maker minus the elbow grease.

3. Broken Glass

Glass breaks easily and often in a house full of kids. After you pick up the larger pieces, use

a piece of bread to pick up the harder to see smaller pieces that even a broom can miss.

4. A Quick Dust

Need to dust in a jiffy? Grab that lint roller out of your purse and run it across all of your

surfaces for a quick and easy sprucing. It gets rid of everything from crumbs on the couch

and pet hair on your clothes to dust on the lamp shades.

5. Baseboards

Those pesky baseboards are the hardest to get clean – especially when you have little ones

crawling and walking near them. Give them a quick wipe with a fabric softener sheet to

wipe away the grime and keep a protective barrier for later.

These hacks will help you keep your house looking great while enjoying time with your family

and managing the busy life of being an on the go mom!