A Stress Free Day at the Park

Published on April 10, 2018

Have you ever thought about how fun it would be to plan some out-of-the-house family time, then immediately started dreading all the possible scenarios in which it could turn in to a disaster and lead to more stress than it’s worth? Most parents have been there – you want to provide fun experiences for your kids, but so many planned events are full of crowds, lines, parking nightmares, expensive tickets that require commitment to a whole day of your kids actually wanting to stay in the place you brought them… the stress factors are overwhelming. 

Luckily, Funderland is a great stress-free option for you and your family to make some unforgettable memories together, without trading in your sanity. Below are the top 10 reasons that Funderland can provide Stress Free Family Time:

1. No Park Entrance Fee

If you get 10 minutes into riding rides and one of your little ones decides its time for a nap, doesn’t like the weather, or any other number of reasons for wanting to head out, you haven’t committed to a full day. Our tickets never expire, so you can just come back whenever the time is right!

2. Short Ride Lines

We know as well as anyone else that kids get impatient. Taking little ones to big amusement parks where a line can last 30 minutes to an hour can be a game in itself of entertaining them and explaining the value of patience. You can rest easy knowing our average wait time for a ride is between 0 and 10 minutes. 

3. Great Location

Kids tend to have short attention spans, and with our no entrance fee combined with the Land Park location, you’ll never go wrong finding something your kids will enjoy. Ride some rides in the morning, stop over at Fairytail Land or the Zoo, then stop back over for another go on the Dragon Coaster before you head out. 

4. Park Size

While we don’t offer elaborate 1,000 ft. coasters or endless rides to try, you can keep track of your little ones much more effortlessly at Funderland. Standing in the middle of the park, you can see almost all the ground they could cover, meaning they will never really be out of your sight! Your kids will not only be entertained, but contained as well. 

5. Open Rides

In addition to our park being a manageable size, our rides are also great for kids ages 2-8 because for a few of the rides you can actually ride with them, or watch them from the sidelines just a few feet away. None of our rides are enclosing, so you can always keep them in sight!

6. Friendly Staff

We pride ourselves on our interactive and friendly staff members. When you’re surrounded by individuals that treat you like family, its much easier to relax and enjoy the ride!

7. Affordable and Accommodating Ticket Options

We offer several options for ways to ride. You can get as little as a Single Ticket, a Pack of 10, an Unlimited Ride Wristband (if its a weekday), a Family Value pack or go all in on a Season Pass. We understand that everyone’s budget and time restraints are different, and we want all shapes and sizes of families to enjoy our park. 

8. Birthday Party Planning

We offer an all inclusive Birthday Party Package that has just about everything you need to throw an unforgettable party for your little one, without having to do all the planning yourself!

9. Free Parking

As I mentioned, committing to an all day payment and too much ground to cover are two ingredients for a stressful day. We have convenient and free parking all around the park entrance that takes no longer than a few moments to be inside our gates! No all day parking passes, shuttles to the entrance, or 10 minute walks to your destination. Phew!

10.  Old Reliable

Funderland has been operating since 1946. You or even your parents may have attended as kids, which can hold a special place in many hearts. Its human nature to trust something you know, not to mention we are experts in fun after 72 years!