5 Fun End of Summer Ideas for Families

Published on August 18, 2014

As we head into back to school time, it’s easy to feel a little sad that Summer is over and you have less time with the kids to enjoy the warm weather. Well the fun doesn’t have to stop, just because school is back in session! Now that summer is over its peak, many places offer afternoon or evening discounts through the next few months, including Funderland with our After School Special! But that’s not all, see below for more ways to keep the fun going!


Fun End of Summer Ideas



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    Have an after school pool party. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy, just invite a few neighbor kids or school friends over for a late afternoon swim to cool off and run free after school. Make sure you have plenty of cold water and possibly some fresh fruit for snacking!


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    Take advantage of the twilight hours from 7 – 8pm by heading over to a frozen yogurt shop for an after dinner treat, a local miniature golf course with the family.


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    Make a summer collage. Use pictures from magazines, family photos from the summer, plus anything else your kids want to add to a construction sheet like stickers, stamps, or sentimental items like ticket stubs! Your kids will love seeing their “masterpiece” at the end, and you’ll have a fun family keepsake.


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    Head over to Crayola.com, one of our favorite colorful websites, for fun printables for nearly every season or activity!


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    Visit Funderland from 3-5pm (weekdays only) for our After School Special which includes half off each unlimited ride wristband. Don’t forget, we now have misters in the park to help you stay cool while you play!


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