Come Along to Christmas in July

Published on July 8, 2013

Are you coming to our Christmas in July flash mob? We certainly hope so! The first 36 people to sign up get to ride the Carousel while we all sing along to a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells. That’s right, we’re going to blast the music over the Carousel speakers, so the whole park can hear!\n\nCome on, it’ll be fun! And who couldn’t do with a little cool December frivolity in the middle of a hot summer? Even if it’s only in our hearts and minds.\n\nSo throw on some of your favorite Christmas togs, and plan to join us Wednesday, July 17th, at 11:30 a.m. in the park.\n\nAnd for those of you who want some caroling practice, here’s the song we’ll be singing along with.\n\n\nLyrics\n\nDashing through the snow\nIn a one-horse open sleigh\nO’er the fields we go\nlaughing all the way\nBells on bobtail ring\nMaking spirits bright\nWhat fun it is to ride and sing\nA sleighing song tonight!\n\n(chorus)\nJingle bells, jingle bells,\nJingle all the way.\nOh! what fun it is to ride\nIn a one-horse open sleigh.\nJingle bells, jingle bells,\nJingle all the way;\nOh! what fun it is to ride\nIn a one-horse open sleigh.\n\nA day or two ago\nI thought I’d take a ride\nAnd soon my laddy boy\nwas sitting by my side,\nThe horse was lean and lank\nMisfortune seemed his lot\nwe got into a drifted bank\nAnd we? we got upset\n\n(chorus)\n\nNow the ground is white\nSo go it while you’re young,\nTake the girls tonight\nand sing this sleighing song;\nJust get a bobtailed nag\nTwo forty for his speed\nThen hitch him to an open sleigh\nAnd crack! you’ll take the lead.\n\n(chorus)\n\nHey, and don’t forget about the Scavenger Hunt!\n\nHave you found the secret scrambled message in the park yet? The Scavenger Hunt ends July 12th, so you better hurry! Find the message, unscramble the words, and enter to win 2 Season Passes. Get the details (and a clue) on our Events page.