Cool Stuff Coming Up

Published on June 17, 2013

School is finally out, and summer is almost here. And let’s face it, summer has its hot spots, so it’s great to have some cool stuff to look forward to.\n\nAnd there’s no need to look very far because cool is in the air at Land Park!\n\nWe’ve got our Season Pass Holder Night coming up in July, providing fun and games for the whole family. And we’ll have our July 4th special again this year for military personnel and their families. Plus, Happy the Squirrel is cooking up a few surprises. And one never knows with squirrels, so stay tuned!\n\nAlso, we noticed our friends at Fairytale Town have a lot of fun events in the works. A night of Shakespeare and ice cream, just to name one. We’re definitely fans! Make sure to check it out.\n\nAnd what about the Family Overnight Safaris at the Zoo?! Camping under the stars with lions and tigers and bears…. Oh my! (Okay, we’re not really sure about the bears, but lions and tigers and sloths sounded silly). Anyway, it sounds like memorable family fun to us.\n\nAnd that’s barely scratching the surface. So, if you’re looking for cool this summer, we hope you check out the trifecta of fun in Land Park. We’re all within walking distance of each other, and there’s always something new and exciting happening. And we’d love you to be a part of it all!\n\nSo, let the adventures begin!