Giving Thanks

Published on November 19, 2012

Perhaps this week more than any other, we all focus on giving thanks. And here at Funderland we’re reminded how healthy it is to actually voice our thankfulness. While we are thankful for our customers and employees all year long, we wanted to stop and take this opportunity to say it loud and clear: Thank you! Thanks for spending time with us and supporting us. We appreciate each and every one of you!\n\nWe’d also like to take a moment and share some of the thankful thoughts from the people behind the scenes and behind the rides, our fantastic employees. They’re a great group of people–silly, serious, and steadfast–and here’s what they had to say.\n\n“I’m thankful for warm opportunities in this chilly weather and spending time with family and friends. It has a cool way of driving us all together.” –John\n\n“I’m thankful for my family.” –Rachel\n\n“I’m thankful for basically everything that’s good in life.” –Kirk\n\n“I’m thankful for my daughter Scarlett. And I love my wife. Those are the two biggest things in my life right now.” –Trey\n\n“I’m thankful there is no zombie apocalypse … yet.” –Beatriz\n\n“I’m thankful for my family, plain and simple. I come from a big family.” –Lizette\n\n“I’m thankful for the smile on customers’ faces.” –Brian\n\n“I’m thankful for being alive.” –Alicia\n\n“I’m thankful to have this job for which I get to make people smile every day. I get to be part of their magical memories. I’m thankful for great bosses, great employees, and my family.” –Maria\n\n“I’m really thankful that they hired me here at Funderland.” –Johnny\n\n“I’m totally thankful for my mom and my sister. And for my friends for sure.” –Marie\n\n“I’m thankful for peace, love, and happiness.” –Francesca\n\n“I’m thankful most for my family who support me and motivate me to do well. And my friends to goof around with. During the year all that gets lost, and the holidays remind us that a lot of us are lucky.” –Wendy\n\nAnd with that, from our family here at Funderland to yours, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! (And we look forward to seeing you this weekend!)