As we all prepare for a fun and fabulous Halloween, we wanted to take a minute to brush up on some safety tips this holiday! Here are 5 easy ways to have a safer Halloween this year:

Try to trick-or-treat before the sun goes down:

This is especially true for those with little tykes. Not only is it easier to keep track of everyone, but wee ones are less likely to get totally freaked out by some of the Halloween decorations.

Always stay together:

Establish a buddy system before you head out the front door (otherwise, everyone is already making a run for the neighbors house and won’t stay put to listen!) Pair up younger kids with older kids or adults. Make sure everyone knows who their buddy is. And review a game plan for if one of the kids gets separated, like meeting at a neighbors house who you’ve designated as a “safe house”.

Make sure your child’s outfit fits properly:

The last thing you (or your kid) wants is to be tripping over their costume and end up face first on the ground. Also, if your child is wearing any type of mask or helmet, make sure they can see properly.

Wait to open candy until you get home:

We know this might be hard for some kids, but try to hold off on consuming candy until you’ve had a chance to inspect all of it! Toss out anything that is opened, leaking, or just flat out looks iffy.

Give your child a tattoo:

Not a real one! We’re suggesting writing your mobile number on your child’s hand or wrist so that, worst-case scenario, if you do get separated, someone can contact you immediately.

safer halloween

Don’t forget, we’re hosting our annual Spooktacular Halloween event Saturday Oct. 26th and Sunday Oct. 27th! Come on out for a safe, fun, and festive day at Funderland and enjoy a Silly Haunted House, a Happy Little Pumpkin Patch, a Mysterious Magic Show, Costume Contests, and more! To view a schedule of our Spooktacular activities and attractions, please visit our Funderland Day of Schedule!

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