In a world where parents and kids are busy with their individual sports, hobbies, and other extracurricular activities, families often find it hard to spend quality time together. Not to mention, time for working out as a family. But a new focus on working out as a family has helped prompt fitness instructors and health professionals to develop routines and activities that involve the entire family.

Benefits of Together Time

If you think about the importance of our families, you’ll see that the core of each individual is greatly influenced by the family culture. Our core values, our social and behavioral development, and our self worth are formed from a young age by our parents, siblings, and extended family members. Studies have shown that kids whose parents spend regular time with them have a lower risk of depression, suicide, and anxiety and a higher level of self-confidence, academic success, and overall good health.

Benefits of Exercising (with your family)

Not only is exercising together good for your kids, it’s good for you too! As parents, we far too often sit on the side lines cheering our kids on (which is great!), but we don’t actually get out there and get active with them. We are doing a great disservice to our own health, as well as our family’s health by not doing more activities together. If you’re worried you won’t be able to keep up with your kids’ (seemingly unending energy supply), don’t let that fear stop you from enjoying active together time with you kids.