Park Updates: Backroads Buggies Progress and More

Published on April 28, 2015

Hi Folks!

\nIf you have been by the park recently you have seen some of our new park updates. Our new Backroads Buggies line queue building is nearly finished, and it is looking beautiful. This building required some extensive work as it is made out of gorgeous cedar wood, and 4” by 4” quarter inch metal posts. In the words of our contractor Tim Larsen, “If a tornado ever comes through Sacramento, I’m coming to the Buggies queue.” Needless to say, that building is extremely solid.\n

Funderland Backroad Buggies progress


Funderland Backroad Buggies cover

\nWhat is even more exciting than the Backroads Buggies queue line is the ride itself. We lengthened the track by approximately 300 feet. Now there are more twists and turns to make through our new drought tolerant landscaping.\n\nHowever, there were some major surprises that set us back, and pushed our tentative opening date. The main surprise being that the State of California now required that the entire ride be fenced off despite the fact that it is already behind fencing. We were unprepared for this since the ride had always been allowed to operate behind the main fence in the park, and perimeter fence on the park borders.  Regardless, adding new fence was an additional expense we were not excited about, as well as a set back to our opening date.\n\n*Update: Great News! Our Backroad Buggies with extended track will be open this weekend – Saturday & Sunday, May 2nd & 3rd! Come on out and give the new track a try!\n\nNow on to the most exciting part! We will be opening a brand new ride in the upcoming months. We have not had a new ride in the park since the early 90’s so this is a huge deal! Additionally, we will be asking our fans to help us come up with a name for this new ride; so we will need your help! We will give you more information about the ride soon so stay tuned. See you at the park!\n\nSincerely,\nSam Johnston