Has this happened to you? You hear about a fun place you want to take the kids, make your plans, and when you arrived find out that you are not prepared for the day? Luckily you don’t have to take that chance when you visit Funderland. We have compiled some tips to help your first, second, and third trip to Funderland be successful!

  1. Check the Weather

Because we are an outdoor venue, we are at the mercy of the weather. So don’t forget to dress accordingly. Bring the sunblock. Even on cloudy days, sensitive skin can get burnt. Also, if it is raining, we may have to close. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates at to whether we are open or closed.

  1. Come Early or Late

Our busiest time is during the middle of the day (noon – 3). Typically the crowds thin out if you come early or late.

  1. Save Those Tickets!

If you didn’t use all your tickets, you can save them for another day. They never expire.

  1. Park on Sutterville During the Weekend

Typically on the weekends parking in the park can get crazy. When this happens, try parking on Sutterville Road. It is just a short walk around our outer gates, and typically there are plenty of spaces. Better when you are done for the day you have an “easy out” of the park.

  1. Don’t Forget Cash

While you can pay for your tickets and food with any major credit card or debit card with the Visa or Mastercard symbol, any other vendors in and outside of the park usually take cash only. This means if you want your face painted or a pony ride you will need to break out the moolah.

  1. 2 Words: Cotton Candy

We spin our cotton candy fresh, and it wouldn’t be a visit to an amusement park without it.

  1. Bring Water Bottles

Water fountains are available, but bring some water bottles too, so you can fill up and stay hydrated on hot days.

  1. Wear Comfy Shoes

One of the most common requests we have at the park is for bandaids to cover blisters that new shoes have created. Making sure that your little one’s shoes have been properly broken in will help avoid tears during the day.

  1. Get Social

We regularly run giveaways and competitions on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow us to stay up to date on important news and fun prizes!

  1. Check In

If you’re on Foursquare or Facebook Places, don’t forget to check in, and unlock deals!