Welcome to Our New Website!

Published on June 11, 2012

You may have noticed over the past year that we have been trying to improve Funderland. We have done everything from changing the way we hire, to adding new attractions to the park. In addition to the changes we have made within the park, we are also making changes to our website by upgrading it. In fact, you may have been aware of our new website via our Facebook profile picture contest we just held. It gave us the opportunity to let you know about our new website, chose our new FB profile picture, and we got to give away a pair of 2012 Season Passes to Megan and Chrissy! It was a win-win situation, and helped us reach our goals of changing our website are to make it more user friendly, and just all around better for you, our fans.\n\nWe have a number of great new features, but here are our top five.\n


  1. Our homepage  information bar – This bar gives you a quick snapshot of the park’s open status.  It will be updated daily to let you know whether or not we will be open, the current temperature, and links to our social media. This comes in really handy on those days when the weather is not looking too good (Check out our Weather Bug blog about how we determine whether we stay open or closed due to inclement weather).
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  3. Our park map – Another awesome feature that we have included is a park map that will let you learn more about each ride including age and height restrictions. This way you can be better prepared for the rides that you and your children will ride on for the day.
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  5. Ride pages – Just like our park map, our ride pages will tell you specifically about each ride, and requirements for riders to ride.  We also think that our new pictures of the rides look pretty nice too!
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  7. Blogging – Not only will you be able to learn more about what is going on in the park, and about specials via our new blog, but you get to learn more about how the park works, and the history behind it via our new blog. If you have a suggestion for a story let us know via our Facebook, or Twitter page, or you can email us at in**@fu************.com.
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  9. Guest photos – Lastly, we will have opportunities for you, our guests, to submit photos that will be displayed on our Facebook page, and website. How cool is that?! You can currently submit your photos on our Facebook page to be entered into our next contest.  Those that are selected will win tickets to Funderland.
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\nWe have also kept some features the same too. For instance, we haven’t changed our already easy to book online birthday parties, and you can still purchase your Season Passes online as well.\n\nOverall, our main goal is to make our website better for you. We want it as easy to navigate, and as useful as possible. Please know that we love hearing your ideas too. If you can think of any ways we could continue to improve our new website let us know, and we will try to incorporate them if possible.\n\nAgain, our goal is to make you happy, and provide a fun, magical experience for you and your family. We hope that you enjoy our new website as much as we had fun putting it together!