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Funderland Among “Top Fun Things to Do in Sacramento!”


As with any city, local businesses are a core element in the growth and success of the community that they are found. Here at Funderland, we are a local business that is proud to be a part of the fabric that makes up Sacramento. We strive to bring our guests happiness and memories that will last a lifetime in a safe and friendly environment that the whole family can enjoy. And we are extremely happy to announce that we have made the list of “Top Things to Do in Sacramento!” by (

Since 1946, we at Funderland Amusement Park have been dishing up kid-sized thrills even the littlest ones can enjoy. We are the only place to take the kids in Sacramento that has nine exciting amusement rides, a full concession stand, memorable birthday party packages, photo ops, a leisurely train ride, and more! We function on a ticket per ride system, so there is no cost to enter the park. With each ride only costing one ticket per rider, you can be sure that you and your family will get the most out of your time spent at Funderland at an affordable price. And, the best part is, our tickets never expire!

From June 20, 2016 to September 2, 2016 you and the family can enjoy our Sizzlin’ Summer Sales deals! These deals include:

$10 Tuesdays: Unlimited Ride Wristbands are only $10 each on Tuesdays!
Wacky Wednesdays: 2 Unlimited Ride Wristbands for only $25 or 3 Unlimited Ride Wristbands for only $30!
Thrifty Thursdays: Purchase a Family Value Pack of tickets and get a FREE Book of Ten tickets!

(For a full list of events, please visit:

Funderland Amusement Park is conveniently located in William Land Park next to the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town. Parking is free and we allow guests to bring food into our park as well. So, grab the kids and make a day of visiting one of your top, local Sacramento businesses, Funderland Amusement Park!

We hope to see you soon!

– Happy the Squirrel

5 Family Fun Ways to Make the Most of Summer!


What to do with the seemingly endless amount of free time in the summer months away from school can prove to be a difficult task for some parents. For working parents, it may be harder for you to ensure that your child is getting the most out of their summer days, but there are plenty of things you can do to make sure their summer is as much of a development and learning period as it is a break from school.

One thing you want to be sure your child cuts back on is spending too much time indoors with their eyes glued to a screen. This does nothing for their mental processes and can actually become a cause for concern. Activities that incorporate a healthy balance of education, play, and relaxation prove to be the perfect mix to get the most enrichment and growth out of your child’s summer break. We’ve compiled a list of ideas that cover all of the bases that will make this summer one to remember for the whole family!

1. Start a Lemonade Stand


Nothing really beats a good old fashioned lemonade stand in the hot summer heat! Let your kids express their creativity by decorating their own stand and creating flyers to put out around the neighborhood. Not only is this a fun activity for both you and your kids, this could also be an educational experience. This activity gives parents the chance to begin to instill entrepreneurial qualities in their children from a young age as they learn perseverance, communication skills, and, of course, the value of their hard-earned money and success!

2. Create a Family Cookbook


Calling all the sous chefs in the family! If your child loves helping out in the kitchen, this is a great activity for them to engage in that interest and take it to the next level. Creating your own family cookbook is a great way to bond with your children. You might have a new family tradition to pass down to future generations!

3. Pick Up a New Instrument.

Columbia Orchestra's Instrument Petting Zoo

If your child is a dancing machine or has ever pounded the “drums” on a turned over pot, learning to play an instrument could be something they will really enjoy! Music lessons of any sort have countless benefits such as total brain stimulation, an increase of brain capacity, and the ability to sharpen your concentration to name a few! Aside from the physical and psychological benefits, learning to play an instrument is a fun and stimulating hobby that kids and parents can really enjoy with no expiration date.

4. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter.


Volunteering at your local animal shelter is a great educational activity for you and your children over the summer months. Not only will your kids gain tons of knowledge of the different animals and their needs within the shelter, they will also learn compassion and selflessness through volunteering with animals. This type of activity is also perfect for that child who desperately wants a pet of their own. They will learn all that goes into caring for a pet without yet having sole responsibility for one of their own.

5. Have a Family Fun Day at Funderland!


At Funderland we are all about affordable family fun. Our park features everything a parent may need for a fun day at an amusement park without the crowds, lines, and absurd prices. And the best part is, parents can relax while knowing their kids are safe and having a blast exploring the park. This makes for great family fun on every visit.

Everyone knows that getting your kids out, active, and educated in a fun way during the summer months can be a challenging task, but with this list of activities, you and your child can prepare for one of the best summers yet!

Children Learn and De-Stress Through Playing


Summer has arrived and the outdoors can be your child’s playground. But did you know that playing can be about more than just wearing off some of that endless energy that all kids seem to have? Playing can also be educational. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, when children play, they are learning and reducing stress at the same time.

What They are Learning

They are learning how to be physically active and building up strength and balance. The simple act of running and jumping allows for young children to develop their sense of self and an understanding of how their bodies work. If the child is playing with a friend, they are communicating, both verbally and nonverbally. They could be building (or tearing down) something as a team. They may need to help each other climb, or pick the other up if they have fallen. Maybe they are on a ride together that takes teamwork. Take the Crazy Cups, for example. The more they spin the wheel in the center, the faster the Crazy Cups will spin.

The social interaction and discovery of themselves learned through physical play is something that cannot be replaced by what is learned in a traditional classroom.

How They are De-Stressing

A young child soaks up anything and everything they see. They are learning constantly, which is why their environment is so important. And processing all of that information can sometimes be stressful. Even though they are children without the responsibilities that adults have, they can encounter stress. What compounds stress even more for a child is that they don’t understand the concept of stress and therefore, they cannot self diagnose. But physical activity and play can be a stress reliever for children, just as it is for adults. As the National Association for the Education of Young Children points out, “Play helps your children grow emotionally. It is joyful and provides an outlet for anxiety and stress.”

For some kids, play is the No. 1 way they learn. Getting outside and having your child discover new ways to play will mean they are discovering new ways to learn. Be an example and show them that you are never too old to play outside either. And if you feel adventurous, plan a trip to Funderland Amusement Park and let them discover the most fun place in the Sacramento region for kids.  You never know what they may learn!

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4 Tips to Get Your Kids to Wear Sunscreen this Summer


Summer is fast approaching and with that comes long days at the park, trips to the ocean and amusement parks. What that means is a lot of fun in the sun and parents should remember to protects themselves and their kids against the strong rays that can be harmful to the skin. But not all kids are ready and willing to apply sunscreen when they will be out in the sun. So what is a parent to do?

4 Tips Parents can Use to Get Their Kids to Wear Sunscreen

  1. Talk to them about it often – When you wake up and see that it is bright and sunny outside, take this time to remind them about how it is going to be really hot today and that it is important to protect their skin. When you are out and about and it is sunny, remind them how important it will be for them to wear sunscreen later when they are playing.  
  1. Make it cool – Kids love superheroes. Make them one by fighting the sun. Sunscreen gives them a “protective shield” that makes their skin operate like superheroes’ suit of armor. When they are ready run out the front door ask them if they have their superhero suit on.
  1. Involve them in their own health – This will be a good opportunity to educate them about their health and how taking care of themselves is important. Explain how getting a sunburn can happen and how it is easily preventable. Taking ownership of this might even empower them to not only protect themselves, but also remind you about putting sunscreen on!
  1. Be an example – Don’t give them a reason to remind you to put sunscreen on. If you are going to be outside for a long time with them reach for the sunscreen and begin to put it on yourself before starting anything else. If they see this enough it will become routine and they will expect it.

Sun Safety tips From the American Academy of Pediatrics

For babies under 6 months: Avoid sun exposure and dress infants in lightweight long pants, long-sleeved shirts and brimmed hats that shade the neck to prevent sunburn. However, when adequate clothing and shade are not available, parents can apply a minimal amount of sunscreen with at least 15 SPF (sun protection factor) to small areas, such as the infant’s face and the back of the hands. If an infant gets a sunburn, apply cool compresses to the affected area.

For all other children: Stay in the shade whenever possible, and limit sun exposure during the peak intensity hours – between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Wear a hat with a three-inch brim or a bill facing forward, sunglasses (look for sunglasses that provide 97-100 percent protection against both UVA and UVB rays), and clothing with a tight weave. On both sunny and cloudy days use a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or greater that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Be sure to apply enough sunscreen – about one ounce per sitting for a young adult. Reapply sunscreen every two hours, or after swimming or sweating. Use extra caution near water, sand and snow as they reflect UV rays and may result in sunburn more quickly.

Even though Funderland Park is well shaded, we encourage all attendees to think about how they will protect themselves against the sun’s rays when they arrive. Once you have that taken care, have a good time!

It’s Our Annual Easter Eggstravaganza!


Our Annual Easter Bash is back and we’re so excited to celebrate this “hoppy” holiday with you! Frolic through the park March 18th (11am-5pm), and March 19th – 20th (10am – 6pm) and enjoy egg hunts, visits with the Easter Bunny, thrilling rides all day, free crafts, candy, and more! Plus when you donate a new game or art supplies to River Oak you can get FREE ride tickets!.

Visit Us During Easter Bash For:

  • $3 egg hunts every 30 minutes*
  • Visit with The Easter Bunny and Happy the Squirrel
  • Let the kids get crafty at our free craft station
  • Free ride tickets when you donate art items & games to River Oak Center for Children (the amount of tickets given is determined by the item received by River Oak).

Visit our Facebook Page to RSVP and share with your friends and family!

*$3 per person and are limited to groups of 30 children. We hold hunts every thirty minutes at the top and bottom of the hour, so everyone can get a turn at finding their eggs. Parents may accompany their children in the hunt area, but will need a ticket if they choose to participate in the hunt.

How to Get the Kids to Put Down the Screens and Pick up the Great Outdoors


About half of parents in the U.S. say their children get too much screen time. And most parents would agree that they prefer their child to be learning and/or playing outside. With the rainy days in Sacramento dwindling and spring and summer quickly approaching, parents should consider planning outdoor activities for their kids. So how do you get the kids to put down the screens and pick up the great outdoors?

1. Fly a kite. The Sacramento region is full of parks with expansive grassy areas. A wide open space free from trees is the perfect spot to show your child the magic of flying a kite. Show them how it operates based on the wind’s force and watch their eyes light up with wonder.


2. Go on a hike. Based on your child’s age, there is no better way to show them what the great outdoors has to offer than taking them on a hike. Make sure to do your research first – you don’t want to pick a location that is too strenuous for you and your young child. Keep in mind, a “hike” can mean walking along a semi-flat path through an area rich with trees and shrubs. Explain to your child what they see along the way.


3. Work on a house project together. Whether it is mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes or hanging a new photo, showing your child how things “work” makes them think and shows them the importance of completing tasks that you begin. If it is raking leaves, give them a smaller rake and let them go at it. Buy them a kids’ tool set and let them build something next to you while you complete your project.


4. Let them hang a photo of their choice in their room. Is there something your child really likes? Trains? Planes? Flowers? Take them on a trip to find whatever it may be and let them take a picture of it. Print the photo and bring it home and let them choose where they want to hang it in their room. Giving them ownership of the project will stimulate their imagination and make them more excited about what is on the walls in their room. Watch as they show every friend or house guest “their picture.”


5. Let them play in the backyard. First and foremost, make sure the backyard is kid-proofed and safe. Next, get them some outdoor activities they will enjoy. A makeshift sandbox or small pool with toy boats could work. Sidewalk chalk also can come in handy. Sometimes the quickest way to unplugging and letting your child experience the great outdoors is by opening the door to the backyard.


6. Visit William Land Park. Land Park is 166 acres of developed space that includes picnic areas, an amphitheater, a rock garden, lakes, a wading pool, and of course, Fairytale Town, the Sacramento Zoo and Funderland. Come see us and enjoy the wonders of what Land Park. Our rides here at Funderland are a regional favorite, and we love making sure families have a great time! 

Being outside helps kids build up their immune systems, provides exercise, enhances their imaginations and gives them a steady dose of vitamin D. So put down those phones, tablets, and remotes and head outside this month for some good old fashioned FUN!

How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water


Here at Funderland, we get excited about ways to keep you and your family healthy. And one often overlooked way to easily improve health is to make sure your kids are staying hydrated throughout the day. Water is a key to life and overall health, and this is a message that should be engrained in children from a very early age. In fact, a new study shows a significant correlation between lower risk of obesity in elementary and middle school students and higher intake of water.

Choosing water over sugary drinks is something most parents know they should do more often with their children, but sometimes it can slip the mind. So how can parents make sure their kids not only drink water but actually want it?

How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

1. Keep water front and center – Simply putting water in front of children regularly can create healthy habits. Always offer water first when a child is thirsty and make sure you are drinking water both for your own health and as an example.

2. Empower them – If you are the type of person who prefers buying water bottles, let your child pick which kind to buy at the store. Making them part of the selection process will make it more enticing for them to try their selection. Also consider purchasing a unique set of straws. Letting your child choose from a colorful batch of straws for their cup of water may make them forget all about the fact they wanted cranberry juice instead.

3. Show them water can be cool – Show your child how ice cubes work and have them make their own. Maybe explain how water helps plants grow and have them water the garden. Ask them if they want to grow and be strong like the plants in the garden and the trees around the neighborhood. Explain to your child that water is the most natural thing they can drink and that it is good for everyone. This type of knowledge may even help their friends if they think it is “cool” enough to share.

4. You shouldn’t waste it – California has been dealing with a drought for a while. Everyone has learned to conserve water, even us! We’ve removed our Log Water Ride to make way for a water efficient ride & have reduced our sprinkler use as well! So share your conservation efforts with your children and explain that you are doing it because water is very important to the whole family. By showing how much you care about water, they will understand its importance.

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Announcing Our 2016 Opening Weekend is Here!


We’re excited to announce that our 2016 opening weekend is here! Weather permitting* the park will be open beginning on Jan. 16th. We will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 5pm during the month of January and will begin extending operating hours to include Fridays in February.

We also wanted to thank you for being part of our Funder-family and letting us help make cherished memories year after year with your family. We look forward to many fun-filled days with you during our 2016 season!

See you there!

*Since Funderland is an outdoor park, our operating hours can change throughout the season, and closure is possible due to poor weather.