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Park Updates: Backroads Buggies Progress and More


Hi Folks!

If you have been by the park recently you have seen some of our new park updates. Our new Backroads Buggies line queue building is nearly finished, and it is looking beautiful. This building required some extensive work as it is made out of gorgeous cedar wood, and 4” by 4” quarter inch metal posts. In the words of our contractor Tim Larsen, “If a tornado ever comes through Sacramento, I’m coming to the Buggies queue.” Needless to say, that building is extremely solid.

Funderland Backroad Buggies progress

Funderland Backroad Buggies cover

What is even more exciting than the Backroads Buggies queue line is the ride itself. We lengthened the track by approximately 300 feet. Now there are more twists and turns to make through our new drought tolerant landscaping.

However, there were some major surprises that set us back, and pushed our tentative opening date. The main surprise being that the State of California now required that the entire ride be fenced off despite the fact that it is already behind fencing. We were unprepared for this since the ride had always been allowed to operate behind the main fence in the park, and perimeter fence on the park borders.  Regardless, adding new fence was an additional expense we were not excited about, as well as a set back to our opening date.

*Update: Great News! Our Backroad Buggies with extended track will be open this weekend – Saturday & Sunday, May 2nd & 3rd! Come on out and give the new track a try!

Now on to the most exciting part! We will be opening a brand new ride in the upcoming months. We have not had a new ride in the park since the early 90’s so this is a huge deal! Additionally, we will be asking our fans to help us come up with a name for this new ride; so we will need your help! We will give you more information about the ride soon so stay tuned. See you at the park!

Sam Johnston

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Celebrate Spring with us! Spring into Fun by entering our latest Giveaway! One winner will receive the following prizes to use and to share the fun with friends: four 2015 Season Passes to Funderland, four VIP Passes, and eight Vouchers for Cotton Candy. All the ingredients you need for a fun Spring outing at Funderland!

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Hop Into Fun During Our Annual Easter Bash!


It’s that time of year again! That’s right, our Annual Easter Bash is back and better than ever! Hop into the park March 27th, 28th, & 29th for egg hunts, visits from the Easter Bunny, free crafts, candy, thrilling pint-sized rides all day, and more!

Visit us During our Easter Bash For:

  • FREE Ride Tickets: Donate a new game or new art supplies to River Oak Center for Children & get free tickets (free tickets based on value of items donated).
  • Easter Egg Hunts: $3 per child. Hunts every 30 minutes!
  • Visits from the Easter Bunny & Happy the Squirrel
  • Free Crafts
  • Spin & win at our info table
  • Great rides, food, vendors, & fun!

Visit our Facebook Page to RSVP and share with your friends and family!

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What’s sprouting up around town? Our Friendship in Bloom Giveaway! Enter to win our fresh and fun prize today! One winner will receive the following prizes to share with friends: $100 Target Gift Card, Playdate for 10 to be used during the 2015 season, and 10 Egg Hunts to be redeemed during the Funderland Easter Bash happening March 27th – 29th.

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5 Acts of Kindness in Funderland


Kindness is one of the values that we feel is so important to teach our children in today’s world. We could all use a little more kindness in our day and taking the time to teach our children how to be kind will not only benefit our families, but will also have an impact on the big wide world as well.

At Funderland, we believe in having fun, of course! Being kind to others is a great way to help make sure that everybody gets to have fun.

Here are 5 acts of kindness that your children can practice while having a great time at Funderland:

  1. Let a child cut in line. It may be a true test of patience, but allow your children to let another child cut in front of them in line. Since they have to sacrifice and wait a bit longer, it’s an even better lesson in kindness.
  2. Pick up trash. Teach your children to look for trash on the ground, even if it isn’t their own, and pick it up (carefully of course) and throw away in a nearby trash can. Keeping the park cleaner helps everybody enjoy the experience even more.
  3. Donate a ride ticket. If you’re able to spare 1 extra ride ticket, let your children donate it to a child of their choice in the park – maybe a child who is sad or one who is being especially obedient to their parents.
  4. Share some art supplies. Help your children pick out a new game or art supplies to bring in for River Oak Center for Children during our Easter Bash on March 27th through 29th and receive free ride tickets. (Amount of tickets given based on items received). Children can practice kindness and help a good cause at the same time.
  5. Smile and say hello. Teach your children to make eye contact with other children and adults. Have them smile and say hello to their fellow Funderland friends.

Funderland can be more than the funnest little place in the land. It can be the kindest place, too!

What other ways do you like to teach your children to be kind?

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If February is the month of love, then let’s celebrate things we love. We love FUN and we know you do, too! We have an exciting giveaway to share with you – For the Love of FUN Giveaway – with an amazing party prize package worth over $1000! Enter for your chance to win our Exclusive VIP Party for 20 – yes, we said 20!

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Free Printable Valentines For You From Happy


February 14th will be here soon! That means candy, flowers, hearts, classroom parties, and shopping for Valentine cards for the kids. We’re here to save you time and money and give you a little Funderland fun and coupons to share at the same time with some cute printable Valentine cards!

Click Here For Printable Valentine Cards From Happy


Printable Valentine Card Instructions

  • Download and save the PDF of Happy’s Valentine cards.
  • Print as double-sided color pages, as many copies as you need, on thick or cardstock paper.
  • If you can’t print double-sided try this: Print the first page, then feed it back into the printer with the paper positioned to print the second page on the back. Or print pages separately and let children get creative by glueing fronts and backs onto colored construction paper.
  • Cut out Valentine cards and let children fill in the “To/From” section.
  • Share with friends!

Happy the Squirrel wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day and wants to remind you to take advantage of the coupons on the back of the free printable valentines so you can come see what’s in store this Spring at the park! We are currently open Saturdays and Sundays in January and will add Fridays in February (weather permitting). Come see what we’ve been working on through the Winter!

Click here for hours and days of operation. For more information please email us at [email protected]

Park Updates: Changes to Our Changes


Hi folks!

We are really excited for the changes that will be coming to Funderland this year and next! We have actually been working on our park updates since 2013, and were finally able to start them this past October. Initially we had planned to have a new swing ride installed, a new car ride track and queue, new birthday area, and a stage completed by opening day of our 2015 Season. Unfortunately, life threw us a curve ball.

Because we want to keep everyone “in the loop” we wanted to let you know that we have run into a bit of a hold up. Back in spring of 2014, we met with our architect and contractor to discuss the building of the stage, birthday area, and car ride queue. Plans were created, and submitted to the City Planning Department in the early fall. Currently, we are still waiting for the Planning Department to give the “OK” to complete our projects. These projects were supposed to be completely finished by mid-January, but since we are still waiting on the Planning Department, construction has not yet begun. Maybe next time we plan on submitting our plans to the Planning Department we will do it a good year in advance!!!

park updates

Additionally, quite a bit of our winter maintenance season was cut short by the rain (HOORAY!!! We needed it). That has also pushed back our project schedule and timeline for installation of our new Swing Ride. The new ride is in the park, and luckily these dry days will let us complete the necessary steps for the ride installation when the rain would not.

The good news is that though we are a little behind on our updates, we will still be opening for the 2015 season as planned even if our updates open a little bit later than we anticipated (if the Planning Department will let us). I will continue to keep you updated as plans change.

Sam Johnston

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Kindness isn’t just for the holidays. The new year is a great time to spread a little extra kindness! Enter to win our Kindness All Around Giveaway and you could end up with 4 Season Passes PLUS a matching prize for a family you choose!

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Good luck!

Happy Holidays from Funderland!


It’s hard to believe that 2014 is almost over! If you feel like the years are just flying by (we do!) now is a great time to take a few minutes and reflect on all the amazing things that this year brought to all of us!

Why the Holidays Make Us Happy

There is so much to be thankful for and so many wonderful memories made each year. Whether it’s meeting new friends, celebrating family milestones and achievements, or heading out on a new adventure like a big move, new job, or family vacation; you’ve done a lot this year!

Here’s just a few things that we’ll remember from 2014:

  • We celebrated 30 years of dishing up pint-sized rides and fun for the Sacramento Area. It’s so exciting to see 2nd and even 3rd generation families visiting our park with their kids and grandkids.
  • We added a new baby to our herd. The Funderland Family welcomed a sweet baby girl this Spring and we’re so happy to have a new little to call our own!
  • We’ve made so many new local friends and connected with new families in the greater Sacramento Area. We love being a part of your family’s lives and feel honored to be a part of the memory making.
  • We’ve already started on renovations and in-park improvements that we can’t wait to unveil during the 2015 and 2016 seasons. We know you’ll love them too!

So what memories will you cherish from 2014? We hope you find a moment or two to reflect and be thankful for this beautiful life and all it has in store! Are you ready to make some more memories in 2015? Purchase your 2015 Season Passes here by Dec. 31st and save $15 off each!

Wishing you and yours – Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from your friends at Funderland Amusement Park

See you in 2015!