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Funderland is Making a Difference (by being environmentally responsible)


We want to make a different in our city!

At Funderland Amusement Park, we take being environmentally responsible and taking care of our community seriously. We’re always looking for ways to reduce, reuse, recylce and “up-cylce” as much as we can.

Here are just a few things we’ve done at the park to show the earth and community a little more love:

  • Placed recycle bins throughout the park to collect recyclable waste

  • Upgraded to biodegradable cups (no more styrofoam for this squirrel!)

  • Updated our train engine to one run on electricity rather than gas

  • Installed faux grass in party areas (and plan to install more around the park) to minimize water usage

  • Recycle all of our cardboard, glass, and plastic waste

  • Planted water-wise plants

  • Updated to more energy efficient fridges and freezers

  • Reuse as many props and event items as we can

  • Plus – our owner drives a hybrid vehicle!

reduce reuse recycle Just think about what we could accomplish if we all decided to do one thing every month to give back to our community and help take care of our planet!

Won’t you celebrate Earth Day with us?

In celebration of Earth Day – we’re giving away 4 2014 Season Passes to the Earth Friendly Family of the Year! Just snap a photo of your family being environmentally responsible and upload to our Facebook page by clicking here until 4/25!

Snap, Share, Win in our Earth Day Giveaway


Attention all families! We’re looking for the Earth Friendly Family of the Year! In celebration of Earth Day, we want to see how your family is making a difference and going “green”! Snap a picture of your family doing something positive for the earth, like recycling or gardening. Then upload your photo to Facebook now through 4/25 for your chance to win 4 Season Passes to Funderland Amusement Park!


How to Enter our Earth Day Giveaway:

Snap a picture of your family doing something positive for the earth

- Recycling

- Gardening

- Planting a tree

- Volunteering

- Cleaning up your community

Like our Facebook page and upload your Earth Day picture by 4/25/14

Winner will be randomly chosen on 4/26/14


Prize Description:

4 2014 Season Passes to Funderland

Each Season Pass includes:

- Unlimited riding for 1 person for the entire 2014 riding Season (Feb 2014 – Nov 2014)

- 10% discount on food and birthday party packages.  (Birthday party and food discount is for Season Pass holder only, cannot be applied for non season pass holders. For 2014 Season only.)

- Half priced weekday wristbands for a friend of a season pass holder.  (Limit one half priced wristband for each season pass holder per day on the following days.)

Mondays—Thursdays in May

Wednesdays—Fridays in September (after Labor Day) and October

- Bring a friend for FREE Days. (Limit one free wristband for each season pass holder per day on the following days.)

Mother’s Day

Memorial Day

Father’s Day

4th of July

Labor Day

- Special Season Pass holder only event, specials, discounts and more with submission of email information!

How to Plant a Garden with Your Kids


Going green isn’t just good for the earth, it’s good for your kids too! Helping your children understand their role in taking care of our beautiful world teaches them responsibility and helps them discover their world in a rich new way. Here are some great ways to plant a garden with your kids this year.

How to Plant a Garden with Your Kids

gardening 101 with kidsGet your tools in toe - having the right gardening tools (including ones that are appropriate for your child’s age) will make your gardening experience more enjoyable. We recommend having a small shovel, a handle shovel, a small garden rake, potting soil, a watering bucket (a small one for them, a big one for you) and a few wire trellis.

Prepare your area - there are lots of ways to plant a garden nowadays which don’t require a huge amount of space. Raised wooden planters, large planter pots, or recycled barrels are all ways to build a garden. You can even have a vertical garden using hanging planter boxes and a wooden pallet. Don’t forget to figure out where your garden will go before you plant. Things you should look at include the amount of direct sunlight the area receives throughout the day, as well as soil drainage (if you’re planting directly in the ground). If your yard’s soil is clay heavy, you should probably mix 50/50 potting soil in with your natural ground dirt.

Pick your favorite plants - now it’s time to pick your perfect garden plants. Some easy & hardy kid friendly plants include:

garening with kidsGive them daily jobs – your kids will probably need reminders to check their plants, clear away weeds, & water daily. It might help to create a simple “Job Board” so they know which day they are responsible for being the “Gardener”. The funnest time of year for the kids is when they get to harvest the crop!  

Look out for bugs - now that you have your garden planted, you might notice your garden is attracting some new visitors! Often beneficial garden bugs are natural predators of the bad bugs! To help you know which critters are good for your garden, and which aren’t, follow this chart:



Lady Bugs





Tomato Hornworms





Soil worms


Praying Mantis


Make Like a Bunny and Hop into our Annual Easter Bash


Our Annual Easter Bash is right around the corner!

Come on out to the park this Friday – Sunday April 11 – 13 from 10am – 6pm for Easter fun and activities! This is one of our most popular family events and your kids will love visiting with the Easter Bunny and hunting for eggs!

  • FREE Ride Tickets: Donate a new game or new art supplies to River Oak Center for Children & get free tickets (free tickets based on value of items donated).
  • Visit the Easter Bunny & Happy the Squirrel
  • Free Crafts & fun Easter themed photo opps
  • Spin & win at our info table
  • Great rides, food, vendors, & fun!

Egg Hunt Recommended Ages & Times:

4 & Under: 10:20, 11:10, 12:00, 12:50, 1:40, 2:30, 3:20, 4:10, & 5:00
5 & Up: 10:45, 11:35, 12:25, 1:15, 2:05, 2:55, 3:45, 4:35, & 5:25

Egg Hunts are only $3 per child & may be purchased the day of the event at the ticket office. We limit the number of hunters to ensure all hunters have a safe, enjoyable time while finding a number of eggs. Please arrive early to purchase your hunt.

Plan a Day at William Land Park


Where can you play softball and soccer, host a family reunion, attend a charity event, and spend a day enjoying rides and games in Sacramento? Right here, in William Land Park. Home to yours truly, Funderland, Fairytale Town, the Sacramento Zoo, and the William Land Golf Course, as well as picnic areas, ponds, playgrounds, and sports fields.

 Funderland Amusement Park

We love that so many park goers choose to spend a fun filled day with family and friends at our amusement park! Because each ride is unique and kid-friendly, there’s something fun for everyone. In addition to offering birthday party packages, we also offer fundraising opportunities and two academic field trips for schools: Math & Science and Language & Fine Arts, where kids learn how the rides work and all the creativity involved in making the rides. Who knew learning could be so fun?

Fairytale Town

Teach children to appreciate the gift of reading at this storybook-themed park. Everyone remembers clambering through the Crooked Mile, and who doesn’t love meeting all the cuddly barnyard animals? Fairytale Town offers field trips, workshops, and summer camps.They’re not just limited to animals and gardening, though. You can be in a theatre, band, or art camp, too!

 Sacramento Zoo

Lions and tigers and wallabies, oh my! While visiting William Land Park hop on over to the Sacramento Zoo and discover the plethora of exotic mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles that call this place home. The Zoo offers field trips, birthday parties, summer classes, and Overnight Safaris for adventure seekers. Kids will love the nighttime tour, animal feeding, spending the night under the stars, and waking up with the animals.

William Land Golf Course

Did you know that William Land Golf Course, which opened in 1924, was the first golf course in Sacramento? Golfers young and old still enjoy this golf course in the heart of Land Park today. WLGC offers both summer camps and junior programs and the golfing instructors are dedicated to teaching junior golfers life skills such as respect for others, good sportsmanship, confidence, and perseverance.

William Land Park is a great place for families to spend time having fun together, being creative, and learning in Sacramento. Come on down and and spend a day with us!

Enter to Win our Spring Spree Giveaway


We’re about to put a little more “spring” in your step! Enter our Spring Spree Giveaway now through April 4th for your chance to win a $100 Target gift card, courtesy of the Easter Bunny. PLUS a Funderland Prize Pack including 4 Easter Bash tickets, 4 VIP wristbands, and 4 combo meals, courtesy of Happy the Squirrel!

How to enter:

Visit and like our Facebook page

Complete your entry form between 3/20/14 – 4/4/14 at noon PST

How to Get Bonus Entries:

After you submit your entry form, you’ll have to chance to share this giveaway on Facebook and receive 1 bonus entry for every Facebook friend who enters!

Prize Details:

$100 gift card to Target

4 tickets to Funderland’s Annual Easter Bash happening April 11, 12, and 13

4 VIP wristbands (good for unlimited rides on day of redemption)

4 combo meals (choose from 6 different meals)

To view official rules, please click here.

Four Easy Recipes to Make With Kids


Four Easy Recipes to Make With Kids

It’s a great idea to get your kids involved in the kitchen as soon as possible.  Before you know it, they’re going to be moving out and having to cook for themselves.  Because kids are more likely to eat what they help cook (even if they don’t normally eat it), cooking together is a good way to teach kids to follow instructions thoroughly.  Even little ones can help by standing on stools and stirring or putting toppings on pizza.  Here are some tasty easy recipes to make with kids as they begin their adventure into the kitchen.

Pizza Bread

Pizza is easy for kids to make because it doesn’t involve a lot of stove or oven use, and it’s easy for little kids because most of it’s putting on the toppings.

Sourdough or English muffins, sliced sourdough, or French bread

1 jar spaghetti sauce

Shredded cheese

Pepperoni slices

Sliced olives, mushrooms, bell peppers, green onions, etc.

1.  Lightly toast the bread.

2.  Spread each slice with spaghetti sauce.

3.  Sprinkle a generous amount of mozzarella cheese over the sauce.  Put pepperoni slices over the cheese.

4.  Add sliced olives, mushrooms, chopped green onions, red bell peppers, or whatever veggies your kids like.

5.  “Glue” the toppings in place by sprinkling some cheddar, parmesan, or mozzarella cheese over the bread.

6.  Bake the pizzas for about 10-15 minutes at 400°.

7.  Let the pizzas cool, then enjoy!

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is easy for a quick lunch or dinner that the kids can help make.

Sliced sourdough, wheat, or white bread

Butter or mayonnaise

Sliced cheese

Sliced deli ham or pepperoni (optional)

1.  Spread the insides of two slices of bread with butter or mayonnaise.

2.  Layer one side of the bread with sliced cheese and pepperoni or deli ham, if you like.  Place the other slice of bread over it.

3.  Place on a heated greased griddle or skillet and cook until one side is golden brown, then turn and cook the other side.

4.  Remove from pan and enjoy!

Fruit Dip

Fruit dip is a fun treat to have with fruit as an after-school snack.

7oz Marshmallow Creme

7oz Marshmallow Creme

8oz low-fat or whipped cream cheese, softened to room temperature

2 Tablespoons frozen orange juice concentrate

Fruit dippers: strawberries, grapes, pineapple, apples, berries, cantaloupe

1. Spoon marshmallow creme into a large, microwave safe bowl, and microwave for 20 seconds.

2.  Whisk in softened cream cheese and orange juice concentrate until very smooth.

3.  Chill, then serve with fruit.

See the original recipe here!

Frozen Yogurt Pops

These popsicles are good for you, and great on a hot day (though they take a while to freeze).

2 cups fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and sliced bananas, mixed

2 cups plain or vanilla yogurt

1/4 cup white sugar or honey

8 small paper cups

8 popsicle sticks

1.  Place the mixed blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, sliced bananas, yogurt, and sugar into a blender.

2.  Cover, and blend until fruit is chunky or smooth, as desired.

3.  Fill paper cups 3/4 full with fruit mixture. Cover the top of each cup with a strip of aluminum foil. Poke a popsicle stick through the center of the foil on each cup.

4.  Place the cups in the freezer for at least 5 hours. To serve, remove foil and peel off the paper cup.

See original recipe here!

5 Community Service Projects for Kids


We understand that sometimes it can be hard to make time to give back to our communities. But getting your kids involved in community service projects and activities can teach them valuable skills and life lessons like compassion, respect, and empathy. To get your family inspired, here are 5 ways to teach your kids to serve their communities.

1.  Bake cookies or brownies for your local fire station.  The firemen will really appreciate this simple but delicious gift, and it’s a fun way to teach your kids how to help out your community and thank local heros.

2.  Volunteer to be a foster family for a pet from your local animal shelter.  Taking care of a pet is a big learning opportunity for children. It teaches them responsibility and kindness to those who can’t take care of themselves.  Adoption also helps to keep strays off the street.

3.  Pick up trash at your local creek. Creeks and rivers are something we all share.  Teach your children to show respect for public property.  Even little kids can help clean up your city streams.  Look up a local Creek Week association near you:

4.  Volunteer to take your neighbors’ dogs for a walk.  Do it for free!  This can really help busy neighbors or older folks who can’t walk their dogs.  Your kids will learn how to take care of animals, respect public property (like sidewalks and dog parks), and help others.

5.  Make care packages for homeless people.  Fill bags with some hand sanitizer, tissues, a granola bar, etc. and hand them out to people in need that you pass on the street.  This simple act of kindness can encourage your children to be compassionate towards others.

Get Your Funderland Groupon Deal – Save Up to 54% Off!


Limited Time Funderland Groupon Deal

For a limited time we’re offering three great offers on Groupon so you can save on all your family’s fun plans! Everyone loves a great deal and your family deserves the fun! Hurry, this Funderland Groupon offer is only being offered for a short time and subject to availability. Don’t miss this offer! Visit our Groupon deal here!

Choose From These Deals:

  • Two Groupon-exclusive, unlimited-ride weekend wristbands with a Funderland souvenir cup for $27.50 (a $49 value)
  • Four unlimited-ride weekday wristbands with four snow cones or cotton candies for $35 (a $75.80 value)
  • Weekday basic birthday package for up to 10 for $69 (a $139.50 value)

Basic Birthday Package Details:

  • Two hours of birthday-party area and unlimited rides for each rider
  • Book of 10 tickets
  • Birthday-party host or hostess to help set up, answer questions, and administer hand stamps
  • Printable birthday party invitations
  • Funderland birthday shirt and coupon for a free wristband or tickets on a future visit for the birthday child

Click here for hours and days of operation. For more information please email us at

Enter to Win our “I Scream, You Scream” Giveaway


It’s everyone’s favorite thing to scream: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Gather up all your kids and their buddies for a special day of play and sweet treats. Now through Feb. 28th, enter to win a playdate for 15 at Funderland Amusement Park and an ice cream party for 15 at Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop. Then clear your calendar and call your friends!

How to enter:

  • Visit and like our Facebook page
  • Complete your entry by noon on 2/28/14
  • After you submit your form, you’ll have the opportunity to share the giveaway with your Facebook friends and receive 1 bonus entry for every friend who enters!

Prize* valued at $200 includes:

Funderland Playdate for 15

  • 2 hours of unlimited riding for up to fifteen people.
  • 15 drinks – choose soda, juice, bottled water
  • 15 snacks – choose cheddar bunnies, applesauce, chips, carrot sticks

Gunther’s Ice Cream Party for 15 (1 of the following per person)

  • single scoop of ice cream
  • small ice cream sundae
  • small fruit freeze
  • small ice cream float
  • small 50/50
  • novelty item (pie case)

* Some restrictions apply. Please see official rules for details.