December Delights

Published on December 3, 2012

We love December, a month flowing with grace and gifts. Full of bright lights, cool nights, and warm kitchens. Not to mention good food and fellowship as we celebrate with family and friends. It warms our hearts and tickles our toes just to think about it. Yeah, it makes us a little silly too!\n\nSo what’s going on in our wide, wintry world? Or more specifically, what’s going on in our little neck of the woods this season?\n\nWell, the park is closed this month, the weather being too cold and unpredictable. But we continue to work behind the scenes planning, building, and improving. We hope to have some great events and surprises for you in 2013, so stay tuned!\n\nAnd in case you’re wondering what to get the little ones, you can make their whole next year merry and bright by buying them a 2013 Season Pass. That’s right, even though we’re closed this month, you can still purchase a 2013 Season Pass online. And at a discounted price–only $64.95! So why not give a gift that’s fun for the whole family and lasts all year long? Fah who foraze, as they say down in Whoville!\n\nAnd, of course, there’s a plethora of holiday activities and festivities going on around town this month. Here are a few staples of the season guaranteed to cheer your heart.\n

\nLooking for more fun activities? Check out our friends at Sacramento365 and Sacramento Sidetracks. They highlight enough family fun for everyone. So get out there and deck those halls!\n\n