How Can You Save Money by Visiting Funderland Park?

Published on November 13, 2013

Have you ever wondered how far $100 can get you at a large amusement park? Would you be surprised to hear that between filling up at the pump, to paying for parking you won’t have much left to pay for admission tickets, let alone meals for the family? Just think how far would $100 would go at Funderland Park with no parking fees and free admission! Here are 6 ways you’ll save money by staying in town!\n


  1. It’s local.  You don’t have to spend an hour driving to a large park and spend gas money. Since some kids travel better than others, an hour+ drive one way can take it’s toll on everyone. Visit the only amusement park in the Greater Sacramento area and cut your drive time down by 75% saving you time and gas expense. Plus you’re helping your community by visiting a local business.
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  3. Entrance into the park is free. At Funderland, we charges per ticket to ride our attractions. The price might be higher, but if parents don’t want to ride they don’t have to and they haven’t wasted any money on an entrance fee.
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  5. NO PARKING FEES!! No one likes paying for parking, but most amusement parks still charge a parking fee because they know people will pay for it. We’re located in William Land Park and parking is free – all the time!
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  7. You don’t have to buy our food…unless you want to. We let you bring in your own snacks or meals. This is a huge savings especially for large families! If you do want to purchase food/beverages we offer a variety of delicious All-American options. And if you’re a Season Pass holder, you get 10% off your food purchase!
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  9. Buying a Season Pass to Funderland saves you money. Come 5 times in a season and it pays for itself! Remember, since it’s free to get in the park, our Season Passes gives you unlimited rides, so if parents have kids who can ride alone, parents don’t need to buy Season Passes just to accompany them.
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  11. You are supporting a local, family owned business, not a big corporate owned entity. Funderland has been family owned and operated for nearly 30 years. We care about every person who walks through our gates and we see Funderland as a place for your family to build lasting memories together.
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Plan your visit today and take advantage of our Advance Sale Season Pass in November for a discounted price of $20 off, and ride the rest of the 2013 season for FREE!