The Best Summer Family Day!

Published on June 18, 2019

Enjoy the summer rays with your family and create some unforgettable memories with the kids! There’s so much to do this summer, so to help our Sacramento locals or anyone interested in visiting the area this summer, we put together the perfect schedule for a nice summer day with the family!

1) Breakfast

Start the perfect summer day off right! Make sure your family is fueled and hydrated for a day in the sun. You can either make a tasty healthy breakfast at home, like Toffee Crunch Apple Toast or Pancake Tacos that the kids will love to eat with their hands, or go out for a dine-in breakfast treat at your favorite local breakfast spot! La Bou Bakery & Cafe is a great choice that offers some yummy breakfast sandwiches, and options to please even the pickiest of eaters!

2) Funderland Park

Once those bellies are full, it’s time to bring the kids down to Funderland Park! Gates open at 10am all summer long, so you can get an early start and beat the heat. While breakfast is digesting and the kids are still full of energy, our Photo Ops are a great intro to the park, and an opportunity to get some adorable pics in!

Next, it’s time to jump into some rides. We have some great options for children that are just starting out with rides and might be more comfortable with something slower and parent friendly, like the Train, Backroad Buggies, or Carousel. Funderland also has great rides for older children that are ready for speed; Our Flying Dragon ride is full of twists, turns, and dips! The Crazy Cups are fun for all ages because you’re in control of your ride. The faster you turn the center wheel, the faster you spin!

3) Family Night In

Once the kiddos are tired out from a day of riding, winding down with some fun snacks and a family friendly movie is always a perfect end to the day. Depending what everyone’s in the mood for, you could get a classic movie, a comedy, or an adventure; anything that keeps the good vibes from the day going!

If you’re trying to cut the screen time down before bed, perhaps a family friendly board game like Sorry! or Clue would do the trick. Try introducing your kids to any of these classic games you may have played growing up! Either way, snacks are a great add on – whether you’re trying to stay healthy with some veggies and dip or go full snack mode with delicious, buttery popcorn. However you finish out the day, make sure to do it together and pick something relaxing for everyone!